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The last 3 posts

Sunday, October 30th 2005, 3:54am

by Susie_can

Thanks for your reply. I'm already feeling more confident. I've learned even more since my original post, like I can control the trajectory of the spray depending on the head I buy. I'm looking forward to getting this thing under control and set up just how I need it to run. Thanks again.

Sunday, October 30th 2005, 3:08am

by cantsee

Yes you can add extentions to make the heads taller! I did this to several of mine shortly after having the system installed. I was a complete novice when I attacked the problem. I simply dug down until I found the connection pipe and unscrewed the head and added a plastic pipe the required length and put the head back onto that pipe. I used plastic pipe (PVC)found in the hardware store or home depot. Be sure to purchase the necessary pipe & fittings to either screw or glue the pipe together. Check pipe size also. They also make nipples in different sizes depending how high you want to go.
Be sure you shut the system down before starting the job.

Saturday, October 29th 2005, 8:27pm

by Susie_can

Newbie Questions

First of all, I'm so pleased to have found this site. It's much better than the "Sprinkler System for Dummies" book I've been wishing for. I bought a new house with a Hunter system already installed and for which I was allowed no input into design or functionality for my needs. The guy at the sprinkler company acts like changing anything -- location or changing types of sprinklers -- is pretty much rocket science and can only be done by trained professionals -- his company, of course. I'm determined to figure it out so I can adjust what I've got to accomodate landscape changes I've made and plan to make and to make repairs when needed. I've read a bit from this site and from Hunter's website and am feeling much more confident, but I'm stuck with one problem.

There are rotor sprinklers (I'm assuming these are the ones that oscillate back and forth) in the corners of my back yard. They work fine as long as I don't want to plant anything in the corners, but of course I do. I've planted shrubs -- ligustrum, so they'll be tall -- and now, of course, they're interrupting the flow. The sprinkler head is behind the shrubs, in the very back of the corner. The only thing I can think of is to keep the shrubs pruned at the bottom high enough up so the sprinkler won't hit the foliage. Eventually, I wouldn't be opposed to actually relocating sprinklers, but I'm not yet ready to try a task that large and for now I need to keep the rotating head to get enough coverage.

Also, is it possible to add extensions to rotating sprinklers to make them taller? I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.