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Thursday, May 19th 2005, 4:43am

by Wet_Boots

Pressure losses through a hose are significantly higher than the losses through a plastic or copper pipe of the same diameter. Consider that a sprinkler head with a 11/32 nozzle is threaded for a one inch pipe connection, at a minimum. - if you have trouble holding the one inch hose, just imagine trying it with an inch-and-a-half hose, which is a minimum recommendation for a pipe delivering over 30 gallons a minute. There is a genuine risk of physical injury here, which is why a sprinkler like you have isn't run from a hose. They make traveler sprinklers for watering athletic fields, and they would work from a hose hooked to that hydrant. Their nozzles are several sizes smaller than what you have. They also sell for over a thousand dollars.

Wednesday, May 18th 2005, 5:28pm

by baseball

Thank you for responding, It is a 4" hydrant reduced to a 1" ID hose. The hose is about 1.5 inches OD. Im only using 100 feet. When I disconnect the sprinkler I almost cant hold the hose from the pressure, Its like a Water Cannon. I think I have to mess around with the sprinkler. Thanks again.

Wednesday, May 18th 2005, 2:55am

by Wet_Boots

Pressure. Either you don't have enough to begin with, or your losses in the hose are the culprit. How long is it, and can you get a larger diameter hose? The flow through an 11/32 nozzle would call for it.

Tuesday, May 17th 2005, 5:48pm

by baseball

old impact issue

Hi, I found an old looking rainbird 808w impact sprinkler, I would like to use it for a baseball field, however, it seems like it should be covering a much larger area than it does. It is a very large unit, and when I read the specs on the items available today, such as much smaller units covering 80 to 100 feet, while this one seems to cover barely eighty feet, it doesn't make sense. My source is a fire hydrant reduced to a 1" inside diameter hose of 100'. It is reduced at the sprinkler again to 3/4 inch. The nozzle says 11/32. Is this all shes got? This is all new to me so please pardon me. Thanks, Sean