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The last 8 posts

Monday, March 21st 2005, 6:45am

by Wet_Boots

Wanting to throw water on a walkway or driveway is one thing. (and note that for the sake of this example, walkway and driveway are two different things. Water landing on driveways is likely to wind up running down the street, wasted. Water landing on walkways like the one in the sketch supplied by the OP will likely wind up in the lawn or flower beds alongside the walkway, and not wasted) - the hard question is how much money is a potential customer willing to spend to avoid throwing water on a walkway. If it's too much money, you don't get the job.<hr noshade size="1"><center>This is really a topic worthy of its own thread.</center>

Sunday, March 20th 2005, 9:23pm

by RidgeRun05

Why would you want to be throwing water on the walkway or driveway period? Just because it runs off of the driveway or walkway, it is still an issue of wasted water and a nuisance. A properly designed system should keep the water where it is supposed to be, on the lawn and garden.

Sunday, March 20th 2005, 7:07am

by Wet_Boots

If the size of the water supply was a factor, one could probably do the entire property with PGP rotors, even the narrower areas, with smaller nozzles, and the spray distance throttled down. Water that lands on a walkway is going to roll off the surface to one side or another, so it isn't something you have to go to great lengths to avoid.

Sunday, March 20th 2005, 6:02am

by stops

That helps me out a lot. Thanks for taking the time.

Saturday, March 19th 2005, 1:21pm

by RidgeRun05

For an area that size, I would definately be considering some type of rotor sprinkler heads. Our standard rotor of choice is the Hunter PGP's, and they are a great sprinkler head. To keep water off of the walkway, I would personally run drip line along this bed area on both sides of the walkway. The smaller lawn areas, such as between the walkway and the house, and the west side of the driveway, I would use the sprays. I wouldn't waste your time with sprays on the large section of lawn area, just go with the rotors. I think you would be happy with the drip irrigation along the walkway as well, any other questions?

Thursday, March 17th 2005, 6:57pm

by stops

Oh man, I'm sorry. I left out the directory.

Thursday, March 17th 2005, 6:06pm

by RidgeRun05

I would be more than happy to take a look at your layout, but the link is not working.

Wednesday, March 16th 2005, 11:14am

by stops

First time designer - Looking for help

Hi, I'm new to sprinkler systems and have been doing a lot of research. I'm designing a system for my front lawn and I became somewhat stumped when it came to placing the sprinklers.

Can anyone take a look at my layout and possibly point me in the right direction.

I inititially started with placing spray sprinklers in the corners and then spacing them every 15 feet in a triangular pattern. I ran into problems with the walkway. There's a 3 foot bed on both sides of the walkway. I wanted to hit the beds without getting the walkway wet, but that seems difficult at the moment. Now I'm thinking maybe I should use rotors for the main section and sprays on the sides.

I'm working with 66 PSI and approx 10 GPM