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The last 10 posts

Friday, May 25th 2007, 3:19am

by SprinklerGuy

Just in case...leave zone 6 wire disconnected from timer until you isolate the solenoid and replace it.

Thursday, May 24th 2007, 4:23pm

by jmduke7

It will depend what controller you get. Most of the major name brands (rain-Bird, Hunter, ETC...) have internal circuit breakers. They will protect the controller from being damaged if there is a short.

Wednesday, May 23rd 2007, 9:17am

by macminn

Ok, sounds like I need to track down the solenoid. The wife is OK with the one zone not working for now since it's not a highly needed area. Here's my question. I will be getting my new controller order from in the next few days. Will I hurt anything if I wire the new one in and the #6 zone is bad?

Saturday, May 19th 2007, 11:53am

by Tom

do as sprinklerguy mentioned

Saturday, May 19th 2007, 9:16am

by mrfixit

Hi Mac. Yep it's either the solenoid or crossed wires. First of all have a few fuses on hand. Make sure they're the same size that came with the controller. Don't put a bigger fuse in there or you'll fry your controller.
I would open the timer to see what color wire is connected to the number 6 station. I'd disconnect the wire and turn on station 6. If it doesn't blow the fuse then you've eliminated the timer itself as the problem. Hook the wire back up. See if you can find the valve with the same color wire. Disconnect the wire from the solenoid on that valve. Go back to the clock and see if it blows the fuse when you turn on #6. If it doesn't blow the fuse then it's the solenoid. If it's still blowing the fuse with the wire disconnected from the solenoid then the ground and hot wires are touching each other somewhere along the line. Look for bare wires. Many times they'll be at the valves themselves. Maybe there's a splice somewhere along the line. Did you do any digging where the wire may have been hit with the shovel? If you can't find the valves you'll have to call a pro. Good luck!

Saturday, May 19th 2007, 8:48am

by Wet_Boots

look for green valve box covers

Saturday, May 19th 2007, 5:08am

by macminn

I'm new to this sprinkler system thing, can you help me track down the solenoid?

Saturday, May 19th 2007, 4:10am

by jmduke7

I would agree, Most likely a bad solenoid.

Saturday, May 19th 2007, 2:35am

by SprinklerGuy

Blown fuse more than likely bad solenoid....

Find zone 6...replace solenoid...test.

Friday, May 18th 2007, 5:05pm

by macminn

One zone not working

I have an older Rainbird 7bi controller. It's mounted downstairs, when we finished off our basement I unhooked the controller. Just unhooked the wire module, nothing else. Now it's springtime, and I hooked the module back up. I turned the system on, and one of the zones, zone 6 of 7 doesn't turn on. It actually blew the fuse. Any ideas?