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The last 10 posts

Tuesday, May 15th 2007, 7:32pm

by lush96

if you read my post jm, i did say that the i-20 has a 5 year warranty. but i dont believe that any spray heads do. 50 bucks for a spray seems a bit high unless it is a 6 inch or 12 inch pop up. 4 inch pop up sprays probably cost about 5 bucks a piece for a sprinkler company. so 50 bucks is some mark up.

Tuesday, May 15th 2007, 2:07pm

by jmduke7

Just so you know (lush96) anything that Hunter carries that starts with an "I" (Such as I-20, I-25, Icc and yes the Institutional Spray) carries a five year warranty! Now of coarse, no one knows if it is an Institutional Spray or not, but the pricing seems to be in order.

Tuesday, May 15th 2007, 4:32am

by Tom

25 years? in other posts you say 35 years and in another 16 years.........hmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, March 6th 2007, 12:07pm

by lush96

there is no way you are going to find an I-20 for 10 bucks anywhere!!!!!!! just thought i would mention that.

Tuesday, March 6th 2007, 12:05pm

by lush96

sprinkler service prices vary depending on where you are. my company is in Long Island NY. we charge 50 for an I-20(which i would never put in my yard by the way), 25 for a spray head, and a 90 dollar labor charge per hour. total being 165. but again, this may vary according to location and company. spray heads do not carry a five year warranty. the I-20 does though. ive been in business 25 years!!!!!!! 50 bucks for a spray head is waaaaaaay too much no matter where you are. and he lied to you by telling you BOTH heads have a five year warranty.

Sunday, February 25th 2007, 5:40am

by Prog Snob

You are definitely not getting ripped off. I've been in the business for 11 years now and I know it inside and out. That's basically what my boss would charge as well. It's a business and there a lot of things to take into consideration.

Thursday, December 7th 2006, 9:58am

by Tom

Well your not happy about it, so find someone else. You will find pricing all over the place. The key is to find someone you trust- which you obviously don't with your current guy.

Thursday, December 7th 2006, 4:38am

by Wet_Boots

Not horribly unfair at all. You can wiggle the numbers into a parts-and-labor invoice, and see he was just charging something like a standard repair-call labor charge, along with parts at close-to-retail price. Some folks think they should get a discount for service done at blowout-time, but I never offer one, and never will.

Thursday, December 7th 2006, 4:18am

by helpless

he was at my house blowing out the lines when he did this. So the bill was $50 for the winterizing. and add'l $125 for the heads. Total$175. I just feel that as a woman he may have taken advantage of me. So i just want to know so I know whether I should use him again.

Monday, December 4th 2006, 7:16am

by Tom

Did he give you a price and/or price range beforehand? Probably not is my guess. He should have, and you should have asked. But, sprinkler repair/install is a seasonal business. Companies have to charge on the higher end of the spectrum to BE in business, otherwise whats the point?

Does your employer/boss ask specifically what you have done/created/sold etc. before he hands you your paycheck? I'll bet there are some weeks "he" feels he is being ripped off. If your boss/employer asked you to start collecting/billing from his customers- monies for the job YOU did, I'll bet you'll soon discover what it costs to be in business- otherwise you wouldn't have a job!

I have my carpets cleaned every year and it costs around $150. I'm sure the soap they use cost about $1.00. Do, I feel I'm being ripped off? Well lets see, I don't have the experience nor do I have the $10,000 plus truck mounted carpet cleaning machine required to do the job properly........Oh yeah, the one guy can do the job in just over an hour.