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The last 8 posts

Tuesday, September 5th 2006, 3:40pm

by mrfixit

If I was a gambling man and I am. I'm betting it's not a bad controller. The Hunter SRC is my personal favorite timer to install. I've never had a problem with a one. Unlike the Pro C and ICC. I've never had to uninstall an SRC. Yes I know that there must be a bad SRC out there somewhere. But I haven't seen one. I'd re-splice all the wire connections even if you don't see anything that looks bad. Good luck Bev!

Tuesday, September 5th 2006, 7:27am

by SprinklerGuy

Not necessarily the controller...

Just went to a job on Friday....couldn't get to the controller so I used my station master to fire the valve...after 10 seconds it shut off....

The solenoid ohmed out just I checked the connections....regular wire nuts..rusted connections....replaced all wire nuts and rewired all correctly

It does not do it anymore....

Monday, September 4th 2006, 9:08pm

by lush96

bad controller. get a new one.

Saturday, September 2nd 2006, 8:24am

by Wet_Boots

A bad connection can heat up and 'separate' and that would give you what you reported. Hunter controllers are digital (solid-state) and not mechanical.

Saturday, September 2nd 2006, 7:31am

by Bev

Boots and Mrfixit,

I really appreciate your replies to my question.
Our timer is: Hunter SRC 600I, I am not sure it is mechinical or digital.
I just ran the irrigation system of this zone. The weird thing is it seems working fine today(we didn't do anything to fix it).We had a tropical storm yesterday. Not sure if there is any connection between humidity of soil and the problem I mentioned earlier. Any opinion?
Thanks a lot!

Friday, September 1st 2006, 10:23am

by mrfixit

Interesting problem. It could very well be a loose wire as boots suggests. It's rare for a solenoid to bad buy you never know. I've seen on mechanical timers where you physically set a dial to tell it how long to run for get worn out. You think you set it for 10 minutes and it runs for 2. I either replace the O ring or just increase the time. Are you sure the timer itself is still sending a signal to the valve when the sprinklers stop running? I'm curious to the brand and model number of your controller. It is mechanical or digital?

Friday, September 1st 2006, 9:12am

by Wet_Boots

Electrical problem. Wiring. Solenoid.

Friday, September 1st 2006, 5:27am

by Bev

Sprinklers in one zone shut down before time is up

One of my four zones is not working properly. When this zone is turned on, all sprinkler heads in this zone will pop up and work for a little while(about 1 min or so), then they will shut down and retract into lawn themselves. However, timer still has time left and is counting down as usual. Could anyone give us some suggestions? Many thanks!