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The last 10 posts

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006, 5:23am

by Bill Painter

Whoops! Shoulda read "You CAN'T out Champion Champion"
NOBODY could compete with the price they offered for a LONG time, even Rainbird's 2800 series heads

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006, 5:21am

by Bill Painter

"you out-Champion Champion" Probably one of the biggest head sellers in their time (70's) on the west coast. Brass head ~ 99 cents for years.... then Toro came out with the 540 series of plastic and the game was over.

Thursday, August 17th 2006, 2:57pm

by jmduke7

I seem to remember a company that used to manufacture a brass nozzle that had a larger patern than its plastic mpr nozzle counterpart. You might check with some local vendors / warehouses in your area for either Buckner or possibly Weathermatic brass nozzles. I just don't remember for sure who the manufacturer is or was, but it is a start.

Thursday, August 17th 2006, 6:55am

by HooKooDooKu


"Kind of a quiet forum" is bit insulting given that I've found this to be the best and busiest forum on the subject of irrigation for the DIY.

I've search the web before. Every forum on the subject of irrigation I found was basically dead (like one post in the last month or worst). There were three exceptions: Sprinkler Talk, Lawnsite, and GardenWeb.

Garden Web doesn't get much traffic and seems to only consist of DIY crowd.
Lawnsite is Mostly a hangout for professionals.
Sprinkler Talk, on the other hand, is THE PLACE on the web for the irrigation DIY person. There's lots of DIY (my self) and professionals (Wet Boots) that huant these grounds to share with each other and newbies alike.

So from my point of view, "Kind of a quiet forum" stands in stark contrast to what really happens.

I'm sorry that my post came across as hostile. I was comming to the defense of someone I've got a lot of respect for and who has had a lot of input here for a long time.

Thursday, August 17th 2006, 3:00am

by Wet_Boots

"group of sprinkler professionals?" - nah, they'll let anyone in. And, hey, maybe someone with capabilities will actually invent what you're looking for. There are a number of discontinued sprinklerhead designs for which no modern equivalent exists. One might wish that they would be continue to be manufactured, but wishing for some company to spend tens of thousands of dollars, so that one might not have to spend an extra ten bucks or so, is just that - wishful thinking.

Wednesday, August 16th 2006, 11:05pm

by metal_cd

OH MY GOD Are you kidding me?
Please tell me you are kidding!
How did such as simple request turn into such a blood bath?
I never would have thought I would have found such hostile people in a sprinkler forum!

Please please ohhhh please tell me how you think the statement 'Kind of a quiet forum' is a smart remark?!?!?!
It took 4 days without a response from anyone before I wrote it just as a way of either signing off or bringing it to the top for one last chance at a response. 'Kind of a quiet forum' I do not think could possibly be interpreted by anyone as meaning anything other than I think this forum is quiet.
I am sorry if you find that insulting somehow, but it is (clearly) not a statement that is designed to insult anyone.

You state that I asked a question that no one had an answer for. Well then, don't reply or just tell me that you do not know. Telling me to invent my own is not a professional answer. Simply telling me there is nothing available like that (that you know of) is a correct answer and what I would have expected from a group of sprinkler professionals.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006, 9:35am

by HooKooDooKu


If you're going to complain about smart remarks, I'll go ahead and be the one to point out that YOU started the "smart remarks" with <i>Kind of a quiet forum.</i>

You asked a question that no one had an answer for, and then you fired the first shot with a useless remark that was actually an insult to the people who post plenty here.

I'll also point out the obvious that new posters to a forum starting with insults are not going to get a warm receptions.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006, 1:06am

by Wet_Boots

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by metal_cd</i>I had thought this forums motto was 'we've got answers' not 'we've got smart remarks'.<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">Nahh, you'll run into some of each. Besides, the performance of the 9x18 side strip nozzles is not so precise that you can do without overlap. And, as long as you're overlapping, you might as well run a line of sprays down both sides of the strip. More heads, but better coverage. (and that's what the manufacturers want)

Monday, August 14th 2006, 6:31am

by metal_cd

If I could invent one I do not think I would have come here looking for an answer to the question.
I had thought this forums motto was 'we've got answers' not 'we've got smart remarks'.
A simple, 'I do not believe one with that wide of a pattern is available' would have been more appropriate. As stated, I have a need for one that can spray up to 12', more heads are not an option in this case. Although I have never done this before, I am intelligent enough that I could have figured that out.
All that said, I do believe I have my answer though... so, thank you. I think.

Sunday, August 13th 2006, 4:37pm

by Wet_Boots

If you invent one, maybe it will sell. Maybe not. Until then, use more heads.