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The last 6 posts

Monday, June 26th 2006, 5:41pm

by xpedient

cool, looks good. I would add a head in the back doing a full 360. There are some spots right now that arent getting enough water that should be solved by adding a full circle head..

Monday, June 26th 2006, 12:42pm

by matt_brown_1

I checked it twice with an 18 gallon tub, only took 28-29 seconds to fill each time. It was coming out so fast we had trouble keeping it in the tub. I came off the main with 1 inch pipe, into my double check backflow and then to just before my mainifold. From there I hooked up a 10' piece of 1" poly and ran the GPM test. I have about 70PSI at the same spot.

Think I have too much water pressure / GPM? I bought valves with flow control.

Here's what I think is my final layout for the sprinkler system... with GPM calculated.

Sunday, June 25th 2006, 7:37pm

by xpedient

Well take how much each head uses (GPM) and add them up. If they total to less than 30 GPM then you are fine. Are you sure you have 36 GPM? Are you running off a fire hydrant?

Monday, June 19th 2006, 8:14pm

by matt_brown_1

adding the extra head in the back must be for double coverage in that area... I was thinking maybe I should do that.

Will I be ok using the PGP-ADJ (LA) in the front or should I look at something else? I am in a high wind area so I think I should stick with the low angle heads.

Is the flow of closer to 15gpm because of the length of the poly pipe?

With the PSI of 70 and the GPM of 36, do you think I will be ok with (12) spray heads on the red circut? Or should I split that into 2 circuts?

Thanks for any help you can give,
Matt, Cheney, WA

Monday, June 19th 2006, 3:39pm

by Wet_Boots

One more head for the inside corner near the house, in back. Use regular PGP nozzles, unless you live in a high-wind region. Figure a flow of closer to 15 gpm. Then you can use the one inch valves and pipe.

Monday, June 19th 2006, 12:12pm

by matt_brown_1

how many heads per circut?


I'm trying to figure out how many heads I can have per circut to cover my back / front yard.

I have 70 PSI and 36 GPM at the point where my valves / manifold will connect. I am planning on using the hunter PGP-ADJ (LA) in the back yard ranging from 25' - 33' radius. Using 1" PCV to the manifold and then 1" Poly to the heads and funny pipe from poly to heads. I am using the Hunter PGV-101MB with flow control for my valves.

At this point I'm thinking 4 - 5 PGP-ADJ's for zones BLUE/PURPLE/GREEN and 12 small spray heads for zone RED (or maybe split to 2 zones). I have not done any shrub / flowerbed zones yet.

Drawing of house (I'm a noob)

I have no idea if my caculations are correct on how many heads I can get per zone... any advice would be very appriciated.

Matt Brown