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The last 5 posts

Saturday, June 10th 2006, 5:09am

by Tom

perhaps the valve for zone 1 is severly clogged of the diaphragm and/or spring is not installed right. take the valve apart and have a look

Saturday, June 10th 2006, 4:52am

by bobw

For zone 1:

If the line is plugged, which it sounds like is very possible, I'd approach it somewhat scientifically. Whatever is plugging the line has to be small enough to get in the line but large enough to block the flow. So, first, I'd dig up the fist head on the line and remove the fitting it is attached to. This fitting is likely the first fitting on the line, so you may be able to find whatever has plugged the line right there. Turn the water on and see if you can blow the plug out.

If no success, you are going to have to go digging. If you know where the line runs, dig it up half way between the head and valve and cut it and see if you have water flow. Just work by halves until you find the plug/kink. Unfortunately, that is about all you can do.

Saturday, June 10th 2006, 4:39am

by ericl

The zone 3 connections were indeed not tight.(the wire from the soleniod to ground wire was not attached.) It is working just fine now. Working on leaving the zone 1 on and looking for soggy ground. When I first realized this zone wasnt working I could get a trickle to even the far head, now nothing, would this change your diagnosis? If the line is clogged is there anything I can do to fix it short of digging? Thanks again for your input, it is greatly appreciated![:)]

Friday, June 9th 2006, 12:09pm

by bobw


Zone 1 - You have water passing thru the valve (leak when solenoid open). Either the line between the first head and the valve is plugged, or broken as water does not get to the first head. Leave the valve open a bit and see if you have some soggy ground show up (broken pipe).

Zone 3 - Check the wiring at the valve to see if the connections are tight. If you have a voltmeter, check the voltage at the solenoid when the zone is on from the control panel (should be around 26v AC). If you have voltage, the solenoid is likely dead, replace it. If you do not have voltage, go to the control panel and check the voltage across the screws for the COMmon terminal and zone 3. If you have voltage here, then the wire is broken somewhere, if you do not have voltage, then the controller is messedup; either replace or move the wiring to an open zone.

Zone 2 - leave it works :)

Friday, June 9th 2006, 10:12am

by ericl

Zone Headaches!

I have 3 zones with Hunter SRV valves. Zone one does not work using the control panel or by manually turning on knob on valve. When zone one knob is manually turned 1/4 turn, water leaks from soliniod and does not come out heads. Zone two works fine. Zone three does not work using the control panel but does work when manually turning knob on valve. I am a sprinkler novice so any and all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.