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Friday, June 23rd 2006, 6:37am

by Fertigation Guru

I would avoid using a water soluble fertilizer (Miracle GRO) with the fertigator system. Not all granulars will completely dissolve. They do have high salt contents which can crystallize and damage the unit.

Saturday, June 3rd 2006, 5:57pm

by computerhigh

Where can I get Green Light liquid Iron?

Tuesday, April 13th 2004, 5:14pm


Doesn't miracle grow crystalize after sitting for a while? I might try that out this year.

Wednesday, April 7th 2004, 3:02pm

by TTBS926

I used Miracle Grow Lawn (water soluable) with a small mix of Green Light liquid Iron last summer with excellent results!

Wednesday, December 26th 2001, 9:07am

by SprinklerWarehouse Irriga


You can use any liquid fertilizer with the FertiGator injector system. Any brand liquid fertilizer can be used, however, we suggest the fertiGrow line of fertilizer since we have tested extensively with these products and have seen no effects on the sprinkler parts while producing very green turf and healthy flowerbeds.

I suggest the FertiGator system since it has already been designed built and tested to allow you to apply fertilizer at different rates to each area of your yard using any liquid fertilizer. The thing you need to be careful of is that the fertilizer must be 100% water soluble so you do not cause problems with clogging valve filters or sprinkler nozzles over time.

When using the FertiGator or when using any fertilizer in the sprinkler system, you should always include a backflow device. The backflow device is required any way wether you use fertilizers in the sprinkler system or not. However, when you are using the sprinkler system to fertilize, you should check with the city water supplier or authorities to obtain their requirements for backflow protection.

Keep in mind that the amount of fertilizer injected during an irrigation cycle is very small when you are micro-dosing the landscape. On any given cycle, the amount of product applied is measured in ounces, not pounds or gallons. The amount of fertilizer applied on any given watering cycle is so minute, that it is actually safe to stand out in the sprinklers. But you should still follow your city's or county's codes for use of a backflow device.

I installed a RPZ type backflow prevention device on my sprinkler system to provide the most protection possible. A lot of customers use the PVB, which protects well against back siphonage, or the Double Check Valve Assembly, which protects well against backpressure.

The FertiGator products will not affect the performance of the valves, sprinklers, piping, or the backflow device.
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Monday, December 24th 2001, 11:29am


Generic Lawn Food

Is there a way to incorporate a system that can use an over the counter lawn food (Walmart/Home Depot specials) such as Miracle Grow
Lawn Food into my automatic sprinkler system at a reasonable homeowners cost. With hand watering, I received excellent results with Miracle Grow. Also, please describe how such a system
can be built, and would I need an expensive backflow preventer valve?
Lastly, would doing this harm my valves or sprinkler heads?