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Thursday, July 14th 2011, 11:17pm

by Ramoos10

Enhancements to sprinklers

I have an idea that would sell more Lawn sprinklers, oscillating and soforth. I would be glad to work with you and sign an agreement for the enhancement. This enhancement would appeal to family owned homes without sprinkler systems. It could also be added to sprinkler systems. But, I do not own a sprinkler system. If that idea was to be considered, I would have to work on it. Shouldn't be a problem.
This is not a scam or someone looking for a quick buck. I have put some thought into this idea and really would like to see it at work.

Tuesday, May 2nd 2006, 6:59pm

by taybrynn

I agree that they will never be mainstream, but for the computer studs out there ... this is THE mac daddy system. You don't need any home automation to use it, you can run just the standalone mcs sprinklers.

I've been working as a beta tester for the mcs sprinklers developer ... and this guy is very responsive to fixing things and making enhancements. What he has done is simply amazing.

I have been using mcs sprinklers and (3) rain8net controllers on my home (DIY) sprinkler system ... and I can tell you it works like a dream. Sure, I didn't need 24 zone capability or RF remote control ... but I've done it and done it for about the same as a stand 16 zone rainbird controller would have cost me.

I also have a W800RF32 and a $10 RF Keypad which allows me to run the thing out in the yard ... and it great for adjusting the heads, testing the system and flushing the system in the Fall. It's truly the rolls royce of sprinkler systems.

I agree that ET controllers are probably the wave of the future ...
But I can tell you this -- mcs sprinklers running the rain8net controllers can do WAY more than any of the ET controllers out there. I'm planning on adding a UPS to my system and moving my mcs sprinklers to a dedicated computer server.

And the cost of the rain8net(s) and mcs sprinklers is far less than even the cheapest ET controllers out there and no monthly subscriptions needed, just free feeds from the internet.

There is no product on the market that can do 50% of what mcs sprinklers can. Not that you need all these capabilities, but its darn cool!

Tuesday, April 25th 2006, 5:18am

by Tom

I think these types of controllers will never become a mainstay of the residential market.

I think the new bred of et "smart" controllers are the wave of the future.

Monday, April 24th 2006, 11:44am

by jart

There is new software available for the Rain8 net.
It has ET, weather monitoring, wireless remote control features and much more.
Check it out and I would like you feed back.

Friday, December 9th 2005, 4:38am

by jart

We are finding more and more people that see not only the convince and flexibility of PC controlled irrigation, but also the value in water savings.

There are two software programs available that will fit almost any need. First there is the software that is available through WGL. It is the less complex of the two and is browser based and can be accessed locally or over the internet if you choose.

Then there is McsSprinklers, They have software that is well suited for commercial use and is available in two ways. It is available in a stand alone format or it can be purchased as a "plug-in" for the HomeSeer Automation software. This software also allows for internet control.

If you have programmers that will write custom software, the Rain8 protocol is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the WGL website.

Thursday, December 8th 2005, 8:36pm

by borgward

I would like the thoughts of irrigation professonals about the Rain8net.
I have just ordered a rain8 net from USA ( I'm from New Zealand) to trail it on a new nursery development so we are interested on what software is available already for it and what our programmer can sort out to suit our needs, we need flexibility changing from misting our cuttings on the hour to full irrigation daily easliy something alot of the stand alone units have trouble doing
we are aming to have all our irrigation PC based so I hope rain8 net fits
quite frankly the ability to sit in the office and control and monitor a nurseries irrigation is the way of the future rather than dicking around with 7 buttons on a 2 inch square lcd display
any advice or help greatly appreciated

Friday, November 25th 2005, 3:33am

by Wet_Boots

DYI folks with an interest in home automation are a natural market. Of course, the features of a central controller will be important. Also, with drip irrigation in mind, the three hour limit on runtime is a bit low for some installations. Not many, for sure. As for weather information controlling irrigation cycles, look at a Toro Intellisense controller for one variation on the theme.

The major companies like Toro, Rainbird, and Hunter, already have computer controls, for golf courses and other large systems. Wireless controls might be worth pursuing, but they have to work in the real world. Hunter was probably first with residential controllers capable of working with a transmitter/receiver kit to allow remote control of a sprinkler system, but the very-low-power controller circuitry makes long cable runs from controller to transmitter plug a problem, due to stray emf. The transmitter also has problems around masonry. Four hundred foot line-of-sight range becomes less than ten with enough concrete in the way. There are FCC rules and regulations that affect the capabilities of their wireless operations, said Hunter, when I asked about them.

Thursday, November 24th 2005, 2:59pm

by jart

Thank you. I can see that. Are there irrigation professionals that specialize or are more inclined in products like this? Maybe golf courses or the like? We have a landscape architect that is going to start using our wireless products.

What about the DYI people. I would think (could be wrong) that the DYI guy looking to control seasonal/weather programs to water usage would look to sprinkler warehouse for such before looking to home automation. I guess I have added to the original question.

Thursday, November 24th 2005, 3:52am

by Wet_Boots

Home automation is where this kind of item belongs for now. Irrigation professionals will continue to use stand-alone controllers, so they can handle all the repair/replacement problems themselves, without having to be concerned with any master computers/controllers. Also, irrigation controllers that receive low-frequency weather information may make an end-run around some of the claimed advantages of home automation control.

Wednesday, November 23rd 2005, 7:38am

by jart

Rain8 net

I am looking for thoughts on WGL and Associates Rain8net irrigation controller. The Rain8net is now exclusivly sold to the home automation market and would like to know how it would fit in the irrigation market. I would like the thoughts of irrigation professonals about the Rain8net.

Some of the features include:
Turn on or off each of the zone individually
Turn off all zones on a specific module
Turn off all zones on all modules
Get the current status of all zones
Default run timer for each zone to prevent over watering
All can be done from your desk or over the internet.

Plese email me if you would like to access the software demo.