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The last 4 posts

Sunday, July 31st 2005, 9:39am

by ww7q

Thank you all for your help. I'm not particularly clever when it comes to this sort of thing but I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to give me a boost!

Sunday, July 31st 2005, 8:58am

by RidgeRun05

What happens when you unplug the timer all together and try manually turning the water on at the road? Do the sprinklers still come on? If so, the issue with your sprinkler systems is most likely not related to the timer. It is most likely related to the valve(s) in your system that operate the zones that continues to run constantly. If you are comfortable troubleshooting the valves, locate all of them to check for a couple of things. First, check to make sure both the bleeder screw (if applicable) and the solenoid are hand tight. A loose solenoid will allow the system to run constantly, reguardless of what the timer is saying. Next check all of the wire splice connections coming off of the valves. There should be two wires coming off of each solenoid, one wire connects to the COMMON wire, which runs to all other valves, and the other wire is the ZONE wire, which controls the individual zone valve. Make sure that both of these wires are connected at each valve, and that the connection is watertight and is an approved splice for direct burial. Also, if you've got a multimeter, check to make sure that the valves are getting power to operate. Most valves operate 24 VAC. You should test the wires both at the controller, and out in the field at the valve. A couple of other things that are generally overlooked are the rain sensor. Do you have a rain sensor? If so, is it wet? If it is, the system will not run automatically until it dries out. If you don't have a rain sensor, but your controller is set up for one, make sure there is a jumper wire (should already be there) installed from rain sensor terminal to terminal. Probably not the issue, but still something to look at.

Sunday, July 31st 2005, 8:48am

by Wet_Boots

"always-on" sprinklers indicate a valve that is either stuck open, or left in a 'manually-on' condition. Locate the valves, and see if you can see a way to return it to normal operation.

Sunday, July 31st 2005, 7:51am

by ww7q

Sprinkler always on

I bought this house and it has a Nelson sprinkler system. The owners left town and nobody can tell me how this all works. I've set the controller box and everything seems to be fine with it (but no manual ... just used the instructions glued to the inside of the controller cover). I turned the main valve on out at the street and water immediately came out of the sprinkler system in the front yard. I see two other in-ground stations in the back yard, both of which have valves but when I turned the one, nothing happened. I didn't even try the one on the other end of the house. There seems to be no way to shut the water off unless doing it manually out at the street. I have no idea why the other stations are not working like the front. So, it's basically a useless system to me since I have no idea how to turn it on and off (tried the "manual" position, tried running a 3-minute "test" and still the sprinkler is just running all the time). Hope somebody can help this frustrated new owner.