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The last 7 posts

Wednesday, May 11th 2005, 6:13pm

by City_Slicker

Got the system in and wrote the final check tonight. He used to 5000's with the rain curtain nozzles and it worked out great. Got 7 zones and head to head coverage. He did a great job and it works like a charm. Turns out I had more water pressure than I thought I did. Just backed off the heads per zone and they all throw fine. I would have had those loud maxi-pawls all the neighbors have if I hadnt stumbled in here and stuck to my guns with him on what I wanted.

Thanks for all the info guys!!

Saturday, April 23rd 2005, 7:09am

by Wet_Boots

It's kind of late to ask questions, if you've already signed a contract. Get the 5004's - they can be fitted with Rain Curtain nozzles, which achieve a very good spread of water at low pressures. It is true that a Maxipaw can throw water further at low pressure than a gear drive rotor can. But that only means possibly using less sprinkler heads, not a better sprinkler system. You probably want no more than forty feet spacing between heads on your pressure. The installer might have been planning for more distance between heads, and priced the system accordingly. If so, he might want additional money for more heads and zones, and would be justified in asking for it.

Saturday, April 23rd 2005, 5:36am

by City_Slicker

OK now I am really confused. Met with the guy and he said that the maxipaw was best for low pressure systems. Showed me how much harder it was to get the head to "pop up" on a 5004 with a screwdriver pushing from the bottom. Told him I wanted the 5000 plus and he pulled out what he called the 5004 and said it was the same thing. He is putting it in next week. Where can I get some more information? Should I talk to rainbird directly? Said he would put in the 5004 if thats what I wanted but would not be as happy with it as the maxipaw.

Thursday, April 7th 2005, 8:26am

by nestors

use rainbird 5004 (period) Do not use any other .

Saturday, April 2nd 2005, 5:37pm

by RidgeRun05

I am going to agree with Oscar here, I dont recommend the Maxi-Paw for the above stated reasons. Either the Rain-Bird 5000 series, or the Hunter PGP sprinklers, they are both good sprinkler heads.

Thursday, March 31st 2005, 11:26pm

by OscarNav

Just my personal experience with the Maxi Paws...they are a HEADACHE. I have a system that had 23 of these impact heads, i ended up replacing them with Rainbirds 5000 plus rotors. Too much maintenance (cleaning) with the Maxi paws...kept getting stuck, they would not trip the return mechanism. I blamed it on low pressure, so i reconfigured my system (less heads per zone) this increased my pressure to about 45psi, i still had the same problem, not as often, though. I ended up pulling all of these heads off and replacing them with RB's 5000 plus rotors, this ended my dilema. I use to have to babysit the watering process, make sure i was there so if a Maxi paw got stuck, step on it. There is plenty of people on this site with knowledge way beyond mine in this matter...this is purely personal experience's with these Maxi Paw impact sprinklers. I DONT recommend them.

Thursday, March 31st 2005, 4:40pm

by City_Slicker

Maxi-Pawl Heads

Having a guy bid me a sprinkler on Monday. I visited with him yesterday and the price is right. Went over and looked at another system of his and he uses Rainbird Maxi-Pawl rotors. I have not seen these recommended on here. Whats the difference between these and the 5000's I have seen recommended?