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The last 10 posts

Tuesday, August 8th 2017, 7:58pm

by ReignMan

Muchos gracias my friend!

Tuesday, August 8th 2017, 2:25am

by mrfixit…ragm-repair-kit

I couldn't find it under Watermaster but Orbit came up no problem.

You might want to confirm with these people that it's in stock and the photo is correct. It's a pretty old item. I might even buy a couple. Someday the'll be totally unavailable. Sometimes the only options are to repair the valve or rebuild the whole manifold.

Tuesday, August 8th 2017, 1:57am

by mrfixit

Here you go. I had to take it out of the original packaging to make sure the bottom was the same. I had others where it was different.[/url[url=][/url[url=][/url[url=]
I don't understand what's up with these links. I've tried three different file sharing sites.
Try this on Chrome. Right click then click on "open url". For me that's opening up different tabs at the same time and each tab has a different pic.
Otherwise, the number on the bottom left of the package is. 57046. It's a Watermaster diaphragm repair kit.

Tuesday, August 8th 2017, 1:24am

by mrfixit

Nope I'm not shipping it off. I need my stock and I can't replace it easily.
It's a long shot but maybe you can just replace the seat washer. Sometime's I'll take the seat washer off and turn it around because the backside can be in great shape. That washer looks fried though and there might be creases in the back of that washer from the plastic even if it's useable.
Tell you what, I'll go out to my truck now and dig around. I have a big box full of kits. Maybe I can get you a part number.

Monday, August 7th 2017, 11:20pm

by ReignMan

No back flow device that I know of. When this zone shuts off there is a little water that runs out of the other end of this valve along with some gurgling sounds.. If that says anything. None of the others do this. This zone has a few small pop up heads higher than the valve, otherwise, the home is build on a hill and everything else is below it. I'm pretty sure its not up to code, but its supplied by a well that only feeds the irrigation system.

Before next season I'm going to replace all of the valves ( 4) and position them at the correct hight.

I just wanted this zone to stop leaking, I'm more concerned with the other 3 that water the front and back yard. This one just waters the perimeter of the home, which is mostly overlapped by the other three zones.

There are 2 rotary heads in this zone that I feel should be replaced with stationary type (?) pops ups. One 180* and one 45*. If I did this, I feel like there should be enough pressure to work the other heads which are all 180* stationary. Sorry I don't know the correct term. Out of 4 zones and 21 heads, 12 of them are on this zone. I feel that the two rotary heads require a lot more pressure to work and that this zone probably originally had all stationary.

you're right, its all kind of wamperjawed together. I believe its approaching 20 years in age. (When the well was installed, which has never supplied water to anything else)

If you feel like shipping the diaphragm let me know!

Thanks for your help!

Monday, August 7th 2017, 10:53pm

by mrfixit

You'll have a hard time finding that diaphragm. Even on Ebay. I probably have the kit on my truck and can get you a kit number if you wish.
I'm looking at the picture again. I see some strange piping going on. I'm taking a guess that there used to be inline valves and they whooptydoo'd the pipe to attach the Anit-syphons?
Do you have a back flow device? Maybe just put inlines back in there if you do.
Maybe just rebuild the whole thing. I only see two valves. Put the asv's above grade at least a foot.

Monday, August 7th 2017, 9:54pm

by ReignMan

Ok here they are.

Sorry I haven't taken the time to learn how to post a pic yet. You'll have to copy and paste I think..

bottom view

Top view

Monday, August 7th 2017, 9:28pm

by ReignMan

Well, I bought an irritol 205s valve from a local supplier, and swapped out the top cap, and diaphragm and the solenoid it came with. It all fit right, but now the system has lower pressure ( but does not leak). A few of the rotating heads are just barely working.

No worries on the mis-ID, I appreciate the help.

I'll post a picture of the old diaphragm tomorrow and we'll see what we can come up with. It looks to have a white plastic spline on top that I assume hold the spring in place, and a white screen on the bottom about the size of a quarter.

Monday, August 7th 2017, 1:39pm

by mrfixit

Ok wait a minute. I just looked at your second picture. That's not an Irritrol valve. That's an Orbit/Watermaster type valve.
I was going by the picture you posted of the repair parts. Those will not work.
The thing is with these valves is, they kept redesigning them and the diaphragms aren't compatible from model to model.
If you want to repair that valve you'll need to take it apart and see which diaphragm is inside. Then you'll have to buy a diaphragm and solenoid separate. You might be able to find the whole valve on ebay but you need the exact model. They're right there above ground though. I'd just swap out the whole valve.
Either go with the Orbit valve, an Irritrol 311-A. The ports will be the same width apart. Otherwise you can use any valve and cut the pipe and move it over a tad.

Monday, August 7th 2017, 9:26am

by ReignMan

Thanks for your reply!

So if I'm understanding correctly, I can buy the 205 valve assembly, and just swap out the top plate, solenoid and the diaphragm? Instead of just buying the individual components?