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The last 10 posts

Monday, September 22nd 2003, 4:26pm

by Rays Sprinklers

That sounds good.......some winterizing tips.....before you turn on the compressor, make sure at least one of the valves are open.....never have the compressor on without a valve the pressure dont go over 70 PSI....also do each zone twice....make sure before you stop just air is coming out of the sprinklers.....make sure all valves are closed and the clock is in the off position after finishing.

Monday, September 22nd 2003, 9:34am

by ufalco

i'm thinking of gettin a 115psi compressor with a 2 gallon tank oiless. 5.8 cfm@40 psi 3.8 cfm@70 and 3cfm@90 psi.i have 4 zone two(4 head)one with 6 head and the last one with 7 head.i will do each zone one a the time.does that sounds good even if this comprosser is kind of small.i like it because is only 20lbs and very is only for my personal use.

Friday, September 19th 2003, 1:05pm

by Rays Sprinklers

careful when you is in your best interest to have a professional company to do the winterizing unless you have a sufficent size compressor....othwise if anything is left with water....and or not properly winterized, then you might have problems when opening in the spring.

Friday, September 19th 2003, 4:07am

by ufalco

hi everyone i finally was able to test my problem.i started to plug heads and my result is yhat i cannot have more than 6 head spray on the i could get away, the head take one to three seconds before they pup pop and then they work i'm going to plug some and space it out so i could use 4' spray to cover the area without to use another zone witch would means to redue my monofold and buy a bigger valve box and redue my set up in the backyard.using 15' or 30' strip is a good idea but i think the forse is too much for the flower bed. thanks for all of your help and if any more suggestion please do advise i'm thinking of winterize.

Friday, September 12th 2003, 11:16am

by Rays Sprinklers

You can also add a valve, and split the zone......from one into two....

Thursday, September 11th 2003, 4:00am

by ufalco

my psi(50) gpm(8) before my leak under patio see other post above on this subject.i use 2' short radius. i was concer with over spray since my bed area is only two feet wide.i was thinking of plug 1/2 and try that first and put the 4' micro spray they do give a nice mist and not too uch over spray.

Wednesday, September 10th 2003, 11:30am

by aquamatic

First I wanted to mention that the Hunter PS Strip Nozzles work great for your situtation they will throw a rectangle spray of 4' x 30'. These can also be tuned down for smaller areas. You would of made out wih less spray heads for your coverage.

As for some not opening up - You might also have a drop in your PSI at some point which causes them all not to open.

IF you do have some that always do pop up, try and swap out with some of the weak ones. This will narrow down to a weak spring on some of them.

In my opinion running 14 heads is a littlew to much if your running off fluctuating town water pressures.

You can always add a booster pump to sustain consistant pressure.

What is your PSI and GPM? WHat series nozzeles are you using??

Tuesday, September 9th 2003, 4:14am

by ufalco

hi ray thanks for the prompt replay.yes i replace the 15' pipe under the patio with 3/8 flexibale copper tube.yes all of the other zones are working fine.i think i'm going to plug 7 of the 14 head and try that.what do you or anyone else think.i check and recheck nozzle valve and licks and found everythink ok,but my spray do not pup up all of the way up.

Monday, September 8th 2003, 10:14am

by Rays Sprinklers

What is happening with the 14 heads when you turn them on.....sorry for this misunderstanding...did you replace the pipe under the patio with the same size or larger? smaller? the only reason you should have a changed PSI or GPM is if you converted to smaller pipe....anything less that 3/4" is wayy to small.....if the others are working try fiddling with the valve of the 14....the short radius dont take up much wate or PSI at all!

Monday, September 8th 2003, 4:30am

by ufalco

hi ray maybe i did not make myself clear.i'm steel having a problem with those 14 head spray.after i fix the leak under the patio.i do not know if now is a psi or gpm 14 head now too much?.