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Sunday, July 27th 2003, 10:15am

by Rays Sprinklers

Always use teflon tape around all male fittings before and to the manifold, to prevent a slow drip. The purpose of teflon is to make the fittings hold together a little tighter, to prevent a possible drip while under pressure!

Rays Above and Beyond Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

Sunday, July 27th 2003, 7:38am


I'm not quite sure as to what you are asking. When I connect the PVB to the PVC mainline, I always use Tee Paste (known as pipe dope) to the male fitting that goes into the PVB. That is the only place I use pipe dope. The only other place I use teflon tape is the fittings on valves. 3 wraps of tape then thread till hand tight. Too tight on the valves can cause the diaphram to split.

Saturday, July 26th 2003, 7:31pm

by lgnguyen

Thank RLVI,
It took me awhile to figure it out. I took the test cock out of the main housing, both the good one and the "trouble" one. Play around with it trying to compare the diferrent, then reallize that the manufacture worker has forgot to close the valve before ship it.
It scare the new bee like me a little while, unfortunately. After that problem, I ran into another. The copper pipe connection between main line into the backflow kept leaking. A few trip back and forth to Home Depot. There is a lot of confusion how to use the seal white tape. One person told me need four turn of tape then hand tight. The other said only one turn. The prof. plumbing told me tight very strong. I never have problen to seal the small thread size like 1/2 or 3/4 but always have problem w/ the 1". Finally, I bought the teflon compound sealant from HD. With the new teflon compound. It stop the leaking completely. I should use this in the first place. I don't thing I will ever use the seal tape again but like to understand why it not work for me.
Any though how to do or not to do w/ the tape would be appreciated.

Saturday, July 26th 2003, 9:38am


The screw you are talking about on the test cocks are little valves. You use the screw to turn it off and on. The way you made it sound is that the cock valve is open. Just turn the screw 90 degrees or so and it should shut off.

Friday, July 25th 2003, 7:04pm

by lgnguyen

Need help on the new Watts PRZ

Need help please,
I have installed the RPZ today and first thing I got is the water come out from the Test Cock#2 strong like a sprinkler head and could not stop it. Not too sure what's happen.
I though this is a test plug having inside ball too seal the water but apparently it was not. I try to figure out why then fix it before call the supplier. You know it come from mail order, it hard to return.
Also, I realize a screw at each of the test cock but unsure what is it for?
Any one know about this Watts 1" 009 QT model please help. There is nothing connect to the downsteam pipe yet.