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Wednesday, September 3rd 2003, 5:03pm

by Rays Sprinklers

oo yea, missed that schedule 40 for lines...definatly class 200 for sprinkelr lines ... sched 40 for mailines.....i would definatly use poly pipe for sprinkler lines in the future..

Tuesday, September 2nd 2003, 8:44am

by Warren ou812

I see a few problems.1 you should not use sch 40 pipe for your irrigation system because the preasure loss is to great.The maximum flow in 3/4 sch 40 is 8 gpm and you loos 10.8 psi per 100.You may need to go to class 200 pipe so you can run 10 gpm and only loose 4.3 psi per 100.also if you have low preasure to start be sure to center valve,also a loop main line can help alot if it is possible. good luck

Sunday, August 31st 2003, 1:09pm

by Rays Sprinklers

No a foot of funny pipe would not restrict any flow toward to your sprinkler heads....if the heads aremnt rising then the problem persists in the valves......check the valve inside for dirt, and debris....etc....dig down to the first fitting after the valves, or a tee, to see if debris might e logged or floating around in the lines....let me know what you find...also did you use your max GPM.....what was running in the house when you tried this? Sometimes a washing machine, or a dish washer might restrict flow if you don't have a high amount or you built the system to your max gpm.

Tuesday, July 15th 2003, 9:39am

by pnilsson2000

Thanks Ray...I guess the confusing part is... when I first saw this happen it was the very first time the zone was energized, I was operating the valve thru the manual control and the heads did not fully rise. I shut down the valve then turned around and turned it back on and of course all the heads poped in to postion and worked as expected...I cycled the system several more times and each time it worked fine. I first thought was maybe some air trapped in the line, reduceing the flow.but I thought after the system had been run for awhile all the air would be purged. then on the first day of automatic operation I found out this same zone did not pop all the heads up as expected. you don't think that a foot of funny pipe would be enough of a flow restriction to cause this do you?
Thanks for your help, Peter

Tuesday, July 15th 2003, 8:32am

by Rays Sprinklers

JUst incase you didnt check there this is what it said::::\

If they work fine at some point, then you have enough water the valve isnt fully opening, if you find a spot where you layed pipe for that zone before sprinkler heads, dig it up, and cu the pipe....turn on the valve...if there is full water coming out (alot of force and flow) then it lays within the sprinkler heas, funny pipe, or line......if you dont have enought flow when you cut it, and then you turbn on the water and you get alot of flow out of the cut pipe you know its the valve........let me know what you think

Hope that Helps!

Rays Above and Beyond Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

Tuesday, July 15th 2003, 8:25am

by Rays Sprinklers

I posted your answer under the other posting,,,,,,,,,in "control vavles"

Rays Above and Beyond Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

Tuesday, July 15th 2003, 6:16am

by pnilsson2000

sprinklers not fully rising

We just installed a 3 zone system and 2 of the zones seem to work fine but one occasionally does not fully raise the sprinklers. yet if I turn it off, then turn it back on, they work fine. I am using a Water Master 3/4" valve it is feeding qty 4 Toro 53738 sprinklers each with a foot of funny pipe and I used 3/4"sch 40 pvc pipe for everything.
The first time I saw this happen I still had the 3.0 gpm nozzles then I switched to the 1.5 gpm (changed all 4).
Any thoughts would be appericated