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The last 10 posts

Sunday, February 23rd 2003, 11:25am

by drpete3

I like the hammer technique. I always think as last resort try a hammer it can work wonders and somtimes it just makes you feel a lot better.
I cant wait till spring we are still under 24 inches of snow and ice.

Edited by - drpete3 on Feb 23 2003 5:27:18 PM

Saturday, February 22nd 2003, 9:26am


Glad I could help. It's good to hear that you got your system to finally work perfectly again!<img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

Saturday, February 22nd 2003, 6:15am

by Bob

<b>Final Update (I hope)</b>

All the above convinced me it had to be in those two valves so I went back out and removed the solenoids, removed the cover of the valve and really cleaned the diaphams and other parts up with a toothbrush. After reinstallation, I used a rubber mallet hammer and rapped each of the valves on the outside as well.

Voila! Next time system check everything worked perfectly!

I don't know if it was that aggressive cleaning or frustrated rap that got me back in business but it worked. Now that I'm more familiar with the inner workings of an irrigation valve, I'm going to try and find more information on how it really works, what the diaphram does and how pressures within the valve work.

Thanks again for all the help, <b>Alex</b> and any others who may have been reading along and feeling my pain. :)


Saturday, February 22nd 2003, 4:09am

by Bob


1. Pulled the valve covers and cleaned for zones 1-2-3. I did zone 3 just to see if there was any noticable diference...there was not. Zones 1 and 2 still coming on when zone 1 activated but now zone 2 goes off when it should while only zone 1 keeps running.

2. At the controller (as drpete suggested), I hooked zone 3 to first the zone 1 connection and then the zone 2 connection and it worked fine. From this, I think I can eliminate the controller as the problem?

3. But, with the wires for zone 1 and 2 just dangling in the air off the controller, those zones still come on when the system is powered on. <img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>

4. I considered maybe the Terminex guy nicked a wire as he inserted those bait traps in the ground so I dug up and around a sprinker head he demolished. The system pipes run under that sprinker and the wires are below the pipes so he could not have nicked a wire without first breaking a pipe which he did not.

So back to you guys... any more thoughts with this updated information?

Many thanks!


Edited by - Bob on Feb 22 2003 11:21:11 AM

Thursday, February 20th 2003, 11:05am

by Bob

Thanks again, Alex.

The valves are in boxes and I picked up and installed new solenoids in valves for zones 1 and 2. Problem still there.

I've got Hunter HPV type valves in there and while I've never opened one up before, it looks to be pretty straight forward with the four philips head screws on top of the valve. That will be next.

I did notice that there is water spritzing out of the valve seal on zone 1 and zone 2 so I'm hoping it's a dirt problem and I'll have good news to report in the next post. I only get to work on this stuff when I get home from work so I kinda' gotta' go step by step.


Edited by - Bob on Feb 20 2003 5:09:33 PM

Tuesday, February 18th 2003, 12:46pm


The valve(s) you have stuck are zone's 1 and/or 2. Do you have the valves incased in a valve box?

The easiest thing to do would be to replace the soleniod first, if that doesn't work, then I would suggest you open the diaphram and clean any debris out. If that doesn't work, then I would suggest you go on and replace the whole valve.


Tuesday, February 18th 2003, 2:31am

by Bob

Thanks for the response, Alex.

I checked out the controller box and yes, there is an "MV" connection with a wire going to it. I'm guessing that means I do have a master valve.

As these zones (1 and 2) have always shut off in the past, I'm confident that that's the way the system should work.

I'm a good student but hardly an informed one when it comes to this stuff and appreciate your help. The valve you feel may be stuck is the master or the one in the ground with the solenoid attached? Where would the master valve be located?

I've never had a valve apart and would really like to hear someone promise me that unscrewing a solenoid and putting in a new one would solve the problem but if I've got to dig further...well, I've got the time and inclination if you are willing to put up with my lack of familiarity. :)



Edited by - Bob on Feb 18 2003 08:32:54 AM

Monday, February 17th 2003, 2:44pm


Are you running on a master valve? If your not sure, check your wiring panel and if there is a wire on "MV" or "Master", you have a master valve. The reason I am asking this is because if you don't have a master valve, that zone should run all the time, I think you have a stuck valve. You could also try unscrewing the diaphram and cleaning out the inside of any sand or debris and try it from there.


Edited by - RVLI on Feb 17 2003 8:46:34 PM

Monday, February 17th 2003, 9:01am

by Bob

Soggy Saga Part II

What I did:

1. After some searching, I found the access to the valves and having removed all the dirt out of them, first washed then reset all solenoids(zones 1-2-3).

2. Tried it...problem still exists and I note that Zone 2 comes on and stays on with Zone 1 now (it may have before and I did not notice.) Zones 3-6 are working fine.

What I did next:

1. So I've got what I believe to be one good spare solenoid (Hunter by the way with a Rain Bird ESP 8 controller) so I replace the zone 1 solenoid which has some signs of brown on its sides.

2. No 1 and 2 come on with zone 1 and stay on with zones 3-6.

Would swapping out that zone 2 solenoid do anything for me?

What I did next:

I disconnected the wires in the controller labeled as station 1 and station 2.

With the wires hanging in mid-air, the zones still came on as described above. I did not disconnect any other stations to see what would happen.

Should I call a pro now that I'm all wet and muddy? Naah!! What do you guys think? Thank God this is Orlando and not somewhere cold.



Edited by - Bob on Feb 17 2003 3:56:20 PM

Monday, February 17th 2003, 5:02am

by drpete3

Try this. Disconnect that zone and connect it to a different zone. If everything works then it is your controller.