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Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 3:48pm

by Wet_Boots

You're kind of over-thinking this. Any popup spray head has a 1/2-inch threaded inlet at the bottom. Your new hipop spray head has the same 1/2-inch inlet on the bottom. You can simply unscrew the old head and thread in the new head. The much taller spray body will now be about 8-inches above the original grade, but in a raised planting area, that isn't going to be a problem.

If you had a situation where a taller head has to fit in the same location as a much shorter one, without the new head sticking out above grade, that is where the pipe and fittings come in, to "connect the dots" between the bottom of the new head, (which is much deeper than where the bottom of the old head was) and the pipe fitting that was threaded into the old head.

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 2:54pm

by BTrain

ok - any chance you know some document outlining what I'd have to do?

Would it be easier to try and convert this spray head to a drip line?

I apologize in advance for not being super up-to-date on this stuff, that's why I came here, to the experts

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 12:46pm

by Wet_Boots

I already said "no" - accept it and get to work installing the new sprinkler head - you need some fittings and pipe to make the switch.

All it takes is four elbow fittings and about a foot of pipe.

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 11:38am

by BTrain


thanks for your help, but I'm not sure I quite understand...

I live in zone 7b (charlotte, NC), so our ground really doesn't freeze - I shouldn't have any of the typical "cold weather climate" issues.

Can I simply replace the 4" nozzle with a 12" nozzle in the same spray head (rainbird 1800)?

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 10:25am

by Wet_Boots

If you now require a sprinkler head to pop up 12 inches, instead of 4 inches, you have to get pipe and fittings and do some digging, in order to fit in a head that is over a foot tall.

It is always advised to use the bottom inlet of any popup head, especially in colder climates.

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 9:27am

by BTrain

Use different height Spray Head on Rainbird 1800?

I'm putting in a small garden area under my mailbox with a little stone wall, around 4'Wx6'Lx12"H. I've got an existing RainBird 1800 spray head on the corner of the spot with a pop up spray head (I believe it's 4"). I would like to replace that 4" spray head nozzle with a 12" one, same model (rainbird 1800), so I can clear the earth where the newly installed garden will be.

Can I do this? Is there some sort of literature I can read, or video, or step-by-step I can follow to change out the spray head nozzle? I can't seem to find that type of thing on
All the instruction video's I see replace the entire spray head unit, but from what I can tell, they don't sell a pop up in the 12"?

Am I way off? should I remove the pop up unit all together, and just put in the spray head nozzle 12"?

Any help for this DIY'er would be greatly appreciated - thanks!!