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Monday, July 2nd 2012, 5:54pm

by Sprinkler Buddy

:D with picture that small I can barely see ATV, not to mention your invention. Do you have it in different shades of green for perennial rye or KBG? J/k. Those who know what they're doing would not need any "buddies" ;)
Your certainly entitled to your opinion. Here in FL we must have a major lack of expert irrigation installers. Every Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, etc... carry 2-3 products of this sort. If they weren't selling they wouldn't be taking up valuable shelf space in these big box stores. It's not the expert irrigation installers that gets the call to fix a broken sprinkler head unless their system is still under warranty. It's the homeowner and lawn care professionals that are making the repairs in the long term of the system. Many experts cost too much for a service call for many folks.

Look at the many brands of sprinkler heads that are sold every year in these box stores. I would guess 95% of sales are for repairs, not for new installation. Poke fun at the Sprinkler Buddy if you want but it will grow to be a house hold name one day because their isn't a better product on the market for the $$$.

PS: I was joking about unqualified irrigation experts in FL, we have the most experts. The problem lies with the sprinkler head themselves. They aren't designed to take the abuse of our heavy commercial mowers. Ground conditions play the biggest role on how well they hold up when run over with tires. Some hold up very, very well, those that don't are the ones that need a Sprinkler Buddy.

If you happen to live where conditions are ideal and your system has been properly installed you may not have a need for the Sprinkler Buddy. If your not having to change out your sprinkler heads, you don't need a Buddy :)

Doesn't matter how big the picture is, you wouldn't see it, it installs below the cutting height and can only be seen once you get close to them as you would while mowing. "Get the picture?" ;)

Monday, July 2nd 2012, 1:14am

by spray (Guest)

:D with picture that small I can barely see ATV, not to mention your invention. Do you have it in different shades of green for perennial rye or KBG? J/k. Those who know what they're doing would not need any "buddies" ;)

Saturday, June 30th 2012, 6:34am

by Sprinkler Buddy

that is unsightly, imho.
That's a close up photo, taken directly above it, it doesn't stand out in the lawn. Here's a photo taken 8-9 yd from the ATV, there's a sprinkler head with the Sprinkler Buddy installed in the middle. Your about 4yd from it. Let me know when you find that unsightly Buddy. :-) I do understand this isn't for everyone, just those that want to save time, money, and water.[attach]79[/attach]

Thursday, June 28th 2012, 6:48pm

by spray (Guest)

that is unsightly, imho.

Thursday, June 28th 2012, 3:36pm

by Sprinkler Buddy

My invention the Sprinkler Buddy solves this problem. Custom fits to rotors and spray heads.

Saturday, June 23rd 2012, 9:58am

by wsommariva

Try measuring distance between know heads then use that measurement to maybe find lost one.

Saturday, June 23rd 2012, 8:17am

by Wet_Boots

There is a trick that can be used to "shut off" an impact head. You have to remove the nozzle and block it up with a wad of paper, then replace it.

Friday, June 22nd 2012, 8:48pm

by mac3457 (Guest)

Thank you both for the advice. I was trying to avoid the shovel, but I think that may be my only option. It became grown over due to my neighbors grass. They have a type that is super aggressive and I noticed it has grown well onto my side of the property line. I at the moment do not have a mower, so my lawn has yet to be trimmed. Especially, the area by the neighbors. This was a forclosed home and had been neglected all thru last summer I have parts of grass that grow great and other spots that even with reseeding will just not grow. Just trying to nurse along what I have until I have the money to fix it and make it look nice. And keep the sprinkler system running well. :)
Thank you both again!

Friday, June 22nd 2012, 5:22pm

by Wet_Boots

Covered heads are common on late-spring startups, but a covered Maxipaw is a bit extreme. You need a shovel, for the express reason of returning the head to the proper position, with the cover at grade.

Friday, June 22nd 2012, 3:53pm

by GatorGuy

Usually there is some bubbling somewhere but it may be so slow that you don't see it. Since it won't open you basically get fast seepage.
Had one last weekend where I could not find any water surfacing. Finally found it by hearing it.
As I got closer the ground got softer and I knew it was close. Then started probing.
It was so deep the water was seeping out under the sod layer.

You can cap of the other heads but with Mini Paws you have to remove them and put a plug in the connection.
Could you have a broken line? Then the water would show in another area, not near the missing head. Capping the other heads might force that to show also.

If you are lucky enough to have a system installed on a consistent grid then measuring head to head of the others will give you an idea of where this one should be. Don't get that kind of luck often.