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The last 5 posts

Friday, April 27th 2012, 2:34pm

by Jim Muse

Happy days are here again. I cleaned the valve and found a piece of plastic stuck on top of the diaphragm. I removed the piece of plastic and cleaned the silt from around the diaphragm and it works. Thank everyone for your help. I love this site. Jim :D :D :D :D

Friday, April 27th 2012, 2:09pm

by mrfixit

The solenoid might be operating backwards. DC latching solenoids operate differently than AC. You hear a click it opens and stays open, even if you cut the wires. It wont go off until the controller sends another signal.

It could be that it's on when you think it's supposed to be off and off when you think it's supposed to be on.

Does the water shut off when you turn the valve on manually with the controller?

If so try this. Activate the solenoid with the controller. Cut one of the wires. Turn the controller off and reattach the wire. The solenoid should now be in the proper position.

Friday, April 27th 2012, 12:30pm

by Jim Muse

Do I have to use the same solenoid that comes with the SVC controller or can I use any Hunter solenoid. I am going to clean the diaphragm now, but in case I have already ordered a new one. Thanks

Friday, April 27th 2012, 11:29am

by GatorGuy

If we assume the controller and solenoid are both good that leaves us with the valve.
Most likely have trash in the valve, holding the diaphragm open, or the diaphragm is just old and failing.
You next step would be to open the valve, pull everything out and clean/check it.

There is an off chance it is still the solenoid. If cleaning the diaphragm doesn't work, and you have another battery system, see if you can swap and if the problem follows the solenoid.

Friday, April 27th 2012, 10:09am

by Jim Muse

Station not turning off.

I have a battery operated controller that operated a flower bed station. Last year before winterizing my sprinkler system, I noticed the area around the flower bed was staying wet and the system had not been running. A few days ago I turned the system on and everything seemed OK, but the next morning I noticed the station was running and had been running for many hours (per the amount of standing water). I replaced the nine volt battery in my controller and when I turn the system on manually I hear the solenoid on my Hunter valve make a noise. When I turn the valve off, I again hear the solenoid working. The water is turned off at the main when I am working on the station. I believe the controller is working and the solenoid is working. Is it a malfunctioning diaphragm that lets the station continue to run. Jim