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Saturday, February 4th 2012, 6:07pm

by irrigationdude (Guest)

Thanks for the replies! I am stuck between the Hunter PGP Ultra (which I heard is alot better then the ADJ) or the Rainbird 5004.
Rainbird I hear is very good with spray pattern with the "rain curtain" nozzles. But Hunter is the most popular. I can't decide.
I'm going to be purchasing 6-8 heads for my lawn, so I want reliabilty of popping up/down, and good even spray pattern with my sucky water pressure.
I go for Hunter, then I keep going to Rainbird, visa-versa.....Ugghhh.....

Friday, February 3rd 2012, 9:12pm

by hi.todd

If you have fairly low pressure as you have described you probably should go with a rainbird 5000 or the Hunter MP Rotator. Cost on the Rainbird 5000 series you can probably get down to 7 or 8 dollars a head.

Friday, February 3rd 2012, 5:33pm

by wsommariva

Always tuff to design a system in my book. I do my best and make adjustments afterwards. Would be nice if you provide for an extra valve or two just in case. I used Toro last Spring and am using Hunter this spring for step two. Hunter had better manuals and customer support than Toro - much better - in my case.

Thursday, February 2nd 2012, 8:14pm

by seansy59

I have used the Hunter PGP's and the Ultra's. The Ultras lacked in the spray design. Its pretty much the same as the PGP-ADJ. They also stuck up alot after watering. I heard that the Rainbirds are better, especially with the "rain curtain" nozzles. I've seen alot of places start to use the Rainbird 5000 series.
I'm tempted to buy some Rainbird 5004 for sprinkler repairs I do and for my own system as the Hunters get be-headed from not going down. The sell them on eBay for $10 each free shipping AND rain curtain nozzles. I think even though Hunter is industry standard, they need to really upgrade the nozzles.....
Not saying Hunter isn't good. The PGP-ADJ's are still popular, but I think I may lean toward Rainbird.....

Thursday, February 2nd 2012, 6:30pm

by Wet_Boots

Strictly for popping down, go with the Rainbird

Thursday, February 2nd 2012, 3:10pm

by irrigationdude (Guest)

Deciding on a Sprinkler

I am installing a sprinkler system myself this spring. I have relativly low pressure (40-60psi) and only 8-9gpm.
My yard is a nasty shape. It bends curves, and I had trouble designing the head to head coverage. I planned it out so the sprinklers at least hit each other, and I have rotors planned that are only 15ft-20ft away from each other.Hopefully I can use smaller nozzles and decrease the distance......Wind is also annoying here in the summer. A development down the street from us has Rainbird sprinklers, and they're lawn is sickly green! :P , I checked and it looked like Rainbird 5000 plus and have 2.0gpm nozzles. I can't find them online though for a good price though.
Questions Below:
  • So, I narrowed down to a few different sprinklers. Which are the best for distance/low pressure and reliability to "pop down"? I've seen Hunter sprinklers that love to stick up after watering.....Also, best coverage underneath the stream of water?
- Hunter PGP Ultra
- Hunter PGP-ADJ
- Rainbird 5004 (Rain Curtain?)
- Toro Prostream XL (HomeDepot sells them)
  • Whats the different from the 5000 plus and 5004 series?
  • Is it ok that rotors are only about 15ft-20ft apart in some areas?
  • Are more sprinklers better than not enough? Meaning, alot of the heads drown each other...