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The last 9 posts

Friday, September 9th 2011, 1:19pm

by Wet_Boots

Now do the resistance readings - what voltage readings reveal is limited

Thursday, September 8th 2011, 9:06pm

by donl1150

Well, I just finished some testing.

24 volts from the AC transformer to the controller.
24 volts leaving the controller to the relay.
24 volts arriving at the relay.

But the relay won't engage. When I press the little lever on the relay, it engages the 220v for the pump and the pump starts. Seems to me the relay is bad.....but I just bought it. I am stumped.


Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 9:51pm

by donl1150

Thanks for the Ideas on the testing. Will give that a try tomorrow.

As for clarification of relay location, both the controller and the relay are located in the garage however there is a wall between the two. Roughly 10 ft of wire between the two.


Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 9:32pm

by Central Irrigation

Definitely agree with wetboots on checking resistance. Also check voltage coming from your master valve/pump start terminal at the controller (one lead on MV/PS and the other on common while a zone is on.

If 24 volts is present at the controller, then check the low voltage wiring at the relay.

Some models of Toro controllers also allow you to turn off the MV/PS for an individual program. Something to check out anyway. I believe the Custom Command, TMC 212, and TMC 424 have this option.

I asked about location of the relay to try and get a better understanding of the amt. of low voltage wire between the controller and the relay. Lightning has a way of frying wire and it's connections. Still not certain if the relay is next to the controller, or 100' away.

Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 9:15pm

by Wet_Boots

Take resistance readings, one lead on the system common, the other lead on various controller outputs (controller is off)

Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 8:53pm

by donl1150

The relay is located in the attached garage 100 ft from the pump/pumphouse near the lake. As for electrical results on the system wiring, I would not know how. I did verify that 220v is available at the relay and does activate the pump if I manually press the little lever on the relay. I have not checked to see if 24v is leaving the controller or arriving at the relay. I think that is a next step. That, I think, would tell me if the controller needs replacement.


Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 7:20pm

by Wet_Boots

Why are we not reading the results of electrical testing performed on the system wiring?

Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 7:08pm

by Central Irrigation

Where is the relay located? Up by the controllers or down by the lake?

Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 3:15pm

by donl1150

Pumping from a lake - Toro controller - Irritrol relay

I have had a system for several years working just fine - pumping from a lake using a Toro controller and an Irritrol relay to control the pump. Recently, our neighbor had a direct lightning strike to their UG system blowing out all of THEIR valve covers and their controller in the house was fried. (luckily no house fire!). Our house is about 100 ft away however our UG systems abut one another on the common property line. No apparent damage to anything in our house - except the Direct TV receivers were apparently damaged. No apparent damage to our system or controllers.

A few days later, when I turned my system back on (had it off for some time due to wet weather), the controller seemed to work but it would not engage the relay to start the pump. I assumed the relay was shot. Replaced it with a new one and still the same issue.

Logic tells me the controller is not sending 24v to engage the relay - yet the timer seems to work. The other odd thing is I have 2 controllers (added zones and had an older controller not in use so I hooked that one up) and neither one will engage the relay.

Do you think the lightning damaged both my controllers - yet only the circuit that closes the relay?

Would appreciate any feedback.....thanks