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The last 9 posts

Tuesday, September 6th 2011, 11:14am

by HooKooDooKu

RE: Install Q's

While installing my system I've run into some issues.
1. I redid teflon tape like 3 times already but can't seem to completely eliminate drip. I put 6-7 wraps of pink Teflon.

The thickness of the pink tape likely only needs 3 to 5 wraps. 6 or 7 is good for the think white stuff.

Another thing to check is your fittings themselves. Most are cast pieces, and the cast has two parts. I've seen several fittings where the two halves of the case didn't line up quite right and the threads were not lined up good enough between the two parts.

Finally, the thing I have found that helps prevent leaks to to "pre-seat" the teflon tape. Basically, the ides is to get the tape to begin conforming to the shape of the threads before you connect the pieces together. All it takes is to place the tape in place, then screw on an imaginary fitting made of your fist (perhaps wrapped in a wipe cloth, or even your shirt). I find that I've had much better luck at keeping threaded connections for leaking when I pre-seat the teflon tape rather than relying ONLY on the two fittings to push the tape into place.

Friday, September 2nd 2011, 6:06pm

by ReddHead

I double clamped using stainless steel hose clamps on my main line. Each clamp screw was 180 degrees from the other. For the laterals I just used a single SS crimp ring.

Tuesday, August 30th 2011, 10:55pm

by grey

Thanks, I've got new fittings and used less teflon though had to redo one connection.

Tuesday, August 30th 2011, 8:49pm

by Central Irrigation

One other piece of advice is that when joining threaded fittings....The softer of the two fittings should have the male thread.

Tuesday, August 30th 2011, 12:01am

by grey

I should have stopped by to help you out

That would've been nice.

Tuesday, August 30th 2011, 12:00am

by grey

I used PVC fittings.
Should I replace them? How would I take off insert adapter from 1 1/4" 160 PSI poly? It wasn't fun putting them in.

I have 90 degree crossing at one place.

Monday, August 29th 2011, 11:04pm

by Mitchgo

I was at the gorge the other week for warped tour, I should have stopped by to help you out :) A day trip to spokane is always fun

Monday, August 29th 2011, 10:55pm

by Mitchgo

1. In the pro world a main line leak on a new install is unacceptable . You have to remember something that is leaking slightly may not seam like a lot, but when it's doing it 24/7 it adds up.
What kind of fittings where you using from the copper to poly? ( ie pvc, brass??). You only need 3-5 wraps on fittings. If you have plastic fittings you could have expanded them too much by using too much teflon.

2. the poly pipe shouldn't pinch off unless you have extreme angles or a tree root wraps around the pipe to kink it many years away

3. for laterals As long as the piping is straight and not overheated- 1 crimp is fine however I recommend to use 2 crimps to make a good connection

Monday, August 29th 2011, 10:16pm

by grey

Install Q's

While installing my system I've run into some issues.
1. How much leak is acceptable in the industry?
Obviously in ideal world every connection has to be dry. I have very small drip (like 1 drop in 2-3 mins) on mainline where I transfer from 1" copper to 1 1/4" poly. I have nipple, union, reducer. I redid teflon tape like 3 times already but can't seem to completely eliminate drip. I put 6-7 wraps of pink Teflon.

2. Is there problem when poly pipe crossing each others path? Is it gonna pinch off?

3. Is 1 crimp clamp enough for 1" laterals?