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The last 5 posts

Friday, July 8th 2011, 6:56pm

by servicetechMA


do you have a way to shut off the water to the field via a ball valve,and then open a spigot or vu flow to test water at the pump. you could try fracking the well yourself if your familiar with it. your pretty much just blocking off all ways for the water to go anywhere,besides building up pressure down at the well point, get a hose and shove it down to the bottom of the well let it fill up until it comes out the top,lift the hose up until it is all the way at the top,wait for water then push the hose all the way down,you usually will see sediment comming out around the hose. this is the last thing to do. like stated you need to check for a main line break first, do you have a pressure system with a pressure tank,or a pump start. if its pressure set up,it will cycle constantly with a main break on a pressure system,it wont cycle at all with a zone break or with a pump start,but you wont have the pressure once a zone with a break is on.
it can only be a few things,a clogged vu flow if you have one,a clogged point,low water table,a main or zone break,have you watched what the pressure gauge is doing while the zones are on,you say its happening on multiple zones,a problem with the well would almost always be universal,check for leaking heads,if you never had crazy pressure to begin with,a few leaking seals can make a difference. keep us posted. only details will solve it

Friday, July 8th 2011, 3:29pm

by Wet_Boots

40 psi at the pump is no great shakes by the time the water reaches the heads. Since you never measured that pressure before, you are only guessing as to what the pressure was in past years.

Your well point may be clogging up, and in need of back-flushing.

If everything about the well is as it was when it was brand-new, then it is your job to go hunting for leaks. Your eyes. Your feet. Your shovel.

Friday, July 8th 2011, 9:09am

by DePinna (Guest)

low pressure

water pressure seems to be the same at the pump; water table should be fine we've had lots of rain this year, more than most; the points are only about four-five years old. The problem does seem to be system wide but not until after it leaves the pump to go out to the system and with no major leaks that I can tell i am just looking for some more ideas about where to start looking for where i am losing pressure in the system. If you have some more ideas or tips it would be much appreciated. thanks.

Thursday, July 7th 2011, 7:55pm

by Wet_Boots

What was the pressure reading last year? How old are the points, and how has your regional rainfall been? Lower water tables drag down performance of perfectly good systems.

Thursday, July 7th 2011, 7:00pm

by DePinna (Guest)

low pressure

My sprinkler system runs off a pump from two sand points. Last fall before I had the sprinklers blown out for winter the system was working great and this year after I primed the pump i just don't seem to be getting full pressure. The distance on the water from the heads seems to be appropriate but the water is arching more and doesn't have the strong spray. This leads to green and tall grass all around the sprinkler heads as well as at the end of the spray but many brown wholes in the lawn between sprinkler heads. I have a pressure gauge right at the pump and it shows 40psi so I think that the pump is working correctly but am unsure why I am not getting the strong spray that I had last year. Any ideas of where to start looking? There are no noticeable major leaks and the low pressure seems to be affecting multiple zones. Where do i go from here?