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The last 10 posts

Saturday, July 9th 2011, 12:22am

by SWOkie66

Well, I got a cutoff valve on the feeder pipe that goes into the faulty zone to get it shut off. I have the other zones running from the control panel, so it's working for now until I can locate the automatic valve. I think I'll just let it go a little while, temps are in the 100 plus right now.

Thursday, July 7th 2011, 12:26am

by Mitchgo

Pretty much anything is possible in the world of irrigation.

The probability is lower and more then likely you still have that valve somewhere..

In my experience.. As good as utility locators are.. They aren't as good as a pro irrigation tech locator, in the irrigation world

+ all the utility locating equipment is designed to trace wire.. Not find valves.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011, 11:10pm

by SWOkie66

I found the line that feeds that zone. Still no luck finding the valve, though. Although, I was told by 2 different people that sometimes, sprinkler installers will "stack" valves. I've looked in the valve box and still only see 3 valves, and there is approximately 1-2 inches between the bottom of the valve and the dirt. Is it possible that there's another valve upside down in the dirt on the underside of the manifold?

Wednesday, July 6th 2011, 8:33pm

by mike1059

missing valve

As a last resort if a wire trace does not work find the head closest to the main water source and dig down to the pipe an see which direction it go's. You may even have to follow the pipe to the valve.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 11:45pm

by SWOkie66

Update: It turns out that the line running under the driveway (the one in the pic) is the city water I'm still trying to locate the line that feeds that zone, but it's been trying at best. I had a utility locator technician come by today and he found the electrical service to the valve boxes, but I'm still unable to find the valve.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011, 1:16pm

by Mitchgo

I agree with mike that it looks like a sleeve too shallow.

I have seen valves ( entire manifolds too) under concrete patios.I've yet to see one under a driveway.. Unless your driveway was extended. Those concrete guys care nothing other then themselves , they'll cement over anything

Saturday, July 2nd 2011, 9:59am

by SWOkie66

I dug down to where I thought the pipe came out from under the driveway and found nothing. However, the pipe that feeds the sprinkler head is about 1 1/2 to 2 ft. deep. I will have to try another approach. I thought maybe I could find the T fitting on that side to see if there were wires running to the valve and I would know which side of the driveway to look for the valve.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011, 12:44am

by mike1059

valve location

That pic looks allot like a pipe without a sleeve that cracked because it was to shallow. Have you tried probing within 3 to 4 feet of where the pipe enters that area. It's very unlikely the valve would have been paved over because the prep work for the driveway would have either found or torn up the valve.

Friday, July 1st 2011, 11:29pm

by SWOkie66

I will definitely look into that, and thank you for your reply, but have you ever seen or heard of an instance where a valve was located under a driveway and covered over with concrete?

Friday, July 1st 2011, 9:15pm

by Mitchgo

Call up another company and ask if they can locate valves to get another price

With our pricing - my ability to locate. I could find that valve in 5-15 min tops. Minimum charge + a locator fee. For us it would be around $100

You can rent a locator, but they are not easy to use