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The last 6 posts

Sunday, May 22nd 2011, 10:23pm

by Mitchgo


boots is right.. If you can't find what your looking for - then maybe there's a reason why you can't find it.

I don't see how you can come onto a forum .. SOMEONE WHO ISN'T HELPING OTHERS... and act like a stupid ass..

You obviously have some cash..
Invest in a flow sensor and a new controller.. If there's no flow going through your intake it will shut your system/ pump down.

I don't see how a delay timer would help you out at all.. If the canal doesn't have water- your system kicks on, pump runs dry and then burns up. How would a delay timer prevent this? It wouldn't so get off your high horse arrogant self..

Also you need to invest in a filtration system.. If not- have fun with fouled up valves, heads, nozzles

Thursday, May 19th 2011, 9:22pm

by WYO


anybody else have info on a time delay system?

Thursday, May 19th 2011, 9:15pm

by Wet_Boots

Maybe you need to lose the low-pressure cutoff - there are other pressure switches to be had. The idea here is to think beyond adding something to the present arrangement.

Thursday, May 19th 2011, 7:58pm

by WYO

It might make more sense to upgrade the filtration so that clogging is less frequent.

WHAT??? Obviously you didn't thoroughly read my initial post. Fitration really isn't the only issue....the system doesn't hold enough pressure until after the pump runs for a few seconds - THIS HAS NOTHING DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE. Anyway...I'm not too concerned about the clogging, a bigger concern (which I didn't mention) was that that canal we irrigate out of sometimes fluncuates.

It's full of water most of the time but there are occasions such as an upstream user (farmer) pulling a bunch of water.

This is why I need a pressure switch...I also need some type of delay for the initial start up

Thursday, May 19th 2011, 7:09pm

by Wet_Boots

It might make more sense to upgrade the filtration so that clogging is less frequent.

Thursday, May 19th 2011, 6:40pm

by WYO

Off-Delay timer system or Off-Delay pressure switch available?

Hello...we just installed an undergound sprinkler system. We are using a Rainbird Timer. Our source of water is a canal via a 1.5 hp pump which puts out around 40 psi's. We want to install a pressure switch that will shut pump off if intake or filters get clogged and the p.s.i. goes down. The problem is - even though the pump holds it's 'prime', the pipes have zero pressure and the low-pressure cut off on pressure switch won't allow pump to run. It only takes from 5 - 10 seconds for our system to get pressurized. I was told that we could bypass the pressure switch for the 5 - 30 seconds with some type of delay timer, so that pump has opportunity to run and put the water pressure well within the perimeters of the press. switch.

Our pump is run by 120v. What type of a delay timer do we need and how do we rig it up? there some time of "off delay" pressure switch available? THNX!