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The last 10 posts

Wednesday, June 7th 2006, 3:44am

by SprinklerGuy

There you go....depending on how far away the zone is from the valves...this should be your problem.

Also...if you are operating higher than 30 psi..which I bet you are......more gpm used. Take a picture of the water source so we can confirm....or call a tech for more help.

Good luck

Tuesday, June 6th 2006, 5:58am


Just assuming you are opperating at 30psi your heads are as follows

15' 360 - 3.72 GPM
15' 180 - 1.86 GPM (each)
15' 120 - 1.24 GPM
12' 120 - .84 GPM

Rainbird heads - .87 GPM ?

Just for the hunter heads you are pushing 9.52 GPM, and I would guess with the 2 rainbird spray heads you are pushing over 11 GPM which I imagine is too much for the 3/4" piping.

Tuesday, June 6th 2006, 4:50am

by azjacket

here are the arcs - 1 360 hunter 15', 2 ~180+ hunter 15', 1 ~120 hunter 15', 1 ~120 hunter 12', 2 ~120' rainbird. the yard has some curves. not perfect rectangle. i may be interested in the tech if suggestions don't work. also, the valve on the strong zone looks like a rainbird you would see at home depot. the valve on the weak zone looks like more of a professional grade hunter. thanks

Tuesday, June 6th 2006, 2:21am

by SprinklerGuy

Tell us the arcs please on the heads...the 15foot adj's use almost 2gpm at 180 degrees....that would be too much gallonage already just with them....the 3/4 cl200 that your system is more than likely piped with can't handle it.

I could still refer you to a tech...and it isn't me if that is what you are wondering....I am not in the valley anymore....

Let us know the arcs

Tuesday, June 6th 2006, 1:53am

by Wet_Boots

Could you install another zone valve and run some of the heads on an additional zone? Definitely try smaller nozzles where they're closer together. There are also 10 and 8 foot radius nozzles (for those you buy the pattern you need, and not a variable-arc model)

Monday, June 5th 2006, 5:55pm

by azjacket

they are a mix of half, full, .... i started closing them off. i tried what you suggested - when two were shut off, all the other heads were fully up with high pressure. when one shut off, it was stronger but not as much as both. the distance apart ranges from ~12-13ft down to about ~9. would it worth putting some 12ft nozzles in the areas that are closer together? are different brands better for lower pressure situation? anything else i should be checking to make sure something else isn't wrong? thanks for your help

Monday, June 5th 2006, 3:10pm

by Tom

Are they adjusted to quarter, half, full circles, etc.? Since they are adjustable, start closing them off one at a time until you get the throw you want.

I'll bet after you start closing them off you'll notice an increased distance in the open ones.

Seems like a classic case of too many heads on a zone.

Monday, June 5th 2006, 5:03am

by azjacket

here are the 7 heads.
4 hunter 15 foot adjustable
1 hunter 12 foot adjustable
2 rainbird 15 foot adjustable

i live in phoenix. the water source is hose bib on side of the house. it does look like 3/4inch. thanks for your help

Monday, June 5th 2006, 3:12am

by SprinklerGuy

Give us a run down of the heads.....7 heads....we need to know what all 7 nozzles are and we can tell what may be happening.

Where in Arizona? when I was there, it was very typical of most installers to install the entire system with 3/4 pvc....that means you have very little water the water source a hosebibb off the back of the house? also very typical.....

If you are in the valley...I can refer you to a repair tech....

Saturday, June 3rd 2006, 6:02pm

by azjacket

zone 2 is where the main problem was. that is where i put 15 foot nozzles.