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The last 9 posts

Sunday, May 1st 2011, 7:54am

by DownunderTiger (Guest)


How can I tell if the solenoid is actually opening? When I take the top off of the valve and turn it on I hear it buzzing and feel vibration, but I don't see anything actually move. I bought a new one just to compare and it does the same thing.


Saturday, April 30th 2011, 2:42pm

by Wet_Boots

Different valves would have different resistances, but approximately 20 to 50 ohms would be normal resistance for a solenoid.

Saturday, April 30th 2011, 11:39am

by DownunderTiger (Guest)

Valve won't come on

Thnaks for previous answers from mrfixit, Mitchgo and Wet-Boots. The valve is about 125 feet from the controller. Both the valve and the wire are brand new. You mentioned measuring resistance. What should it be, and what dod I do if it's not at the right level?


Tuesday, April 12th 2011, 12:39pm

by mrfixit

The diaphragm probably needs replacing. Look to see if the diaphragm broke apart. The broken pieces will need to be flushed from the manifold/valve.

Tuesday, April 12th 2011, 10:58am

by ahobgood (Guest)

bleeder valve open, still no sprinklers

I have a 4 station system. One station has stopped working.

Opening bleeder valve still doesn't turn on the station (as it does on the other 3 stations).

I assume the valve is faulty.

Any suggestions as to how to fix will be appreciated.


Sunday, April 10th 2011, 3:38pm

by Wet_Boots

When it comes to electrical measurements voltage tells you the least. Resistance is much more useful. Current is most informative, but more work to measure.

Sunday, April 10th 2011, 2:37am

by Mitchgo

Agreed with fixit..

How old is the system and how long is the wire run to the master valve? Although unlikely, it's possible your getting enough voltage, but not enough amperage to the valve.

Saturday, April 9th 2011, 2:27pm

by mrfixit

I'd make sure the solenoid is actually opening. Take it off and watch the plunger. Or use the old one. If it is, there's something wrong with the valve. Could be debris inside clogging a port. Which model valve is it? I know the 2623DPR had some problems not opening recently.

Saturday, April 9th 2011, 12:50pm

by DownunderTiger (Guest)

Valve won't come on

I have been working on this problem for 3 weekends- still no luck! I installed a master valve just behind the meter. Everythng seems to be working properly and I've even checked to voltage to the valve at around 25 volts, but it will not come on unless I slightly open the bleed valve- then it kicks on like it should. This is the 2nd brand new valve I've installed, but they both have the same problem. Anybody have any ideas?