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The last 9 posts

Thursday, March 31st 2011, 10:31am

by rbigh

Thanks. I'll get with Spears and see what they have on these things.

Replacement of the line would be a really far out thing. It would require whole new ways of feeding the circuit.

Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 7:49pm

by Mitchgo

Can you tell the design of this zone? ( Ie doe the heads run out in a apparent to close straight line or are the heads all staggered around?

If you think the break is within the last 4 sprinkler heads then reducing the pipe you need to 1 1/4 or 1" should probably be fine, of course this is speculating cause I can't see it.

Where do you live???
I just purchased $150 in 1.5" brass barbed parts the other day at our local pipe store for a 200 psi 1.5" water service line. ( Granted they are a bad ass company that stocks every big product I need)

Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 12:24pm

by mrfixit

Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 8:45am

by rbigh

Problem is, I don't see any barbs of 1.5" sizes. Barbs would work. At least that would get me down to where I could use PVC.

Are there slick "L" fittings I can get for this? If I could find slick Ls, I could come out and up with a piece of pipe. I would also need to buy 2' or so of the pipe. A fix would be easy, if I can get slick Ls.

Is there cement which will work with this stuff?

I think you called it "poly pipe". None of the places anywhere in town carry it this big.

Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 8:32am

by Wet_Boots

Why do these people fail to let us know where they are? It makes ever so much difference when it comes to knowing what to expect in the ground.

Monday, March 28th 2011, 11:15pm

by Mitchgo

Only thing mrfixit is sprinklerwarehouse doesn't stock 1.5 " fittings

To the OP

I highly doubt no one is in your town know's what this stuff is. I mean homedept and lowes sells a similar type of this except it's 3/4". Poly pipe is used a lot

The pipe is either 80 psi or 100 psi polyethylene pipe in the form 1.5" ... It's probably a bit older so the quality is not as good as the pipe nowadays and the pipe is probably brittle.

If you have a big yard with 8 heads with only 4 zones. More then likely these heads require a lot of wire and the 1.5" is necessary .

As far as parts.. 2 barbed x barbed couplers with 8 hose clamps would do the trick with excavating a little more and bridge the pipe in... Or 2 barbed male adapters with a union and 4 hose clamps.. Or your telephone repair with 4 90's.
They don't sell these at your commericalized big store.. You need to find a local irrigation / plumbers store.. Such as Ewing, John deer landscapes ( and many more though i'm not sure what would be local in your area)

Monday, March 28th 2011, 8:37pm

by mrfixit

Maybe something like this will help you out.

Monday, March 28th 2011, 7:56pm

by rbigh

a simple water problem? Not so.......

I need help with a mess my sprinkler system. We have a big yard, We have
about 8 sprinklers, on 4 circuits ea. They are a hodge podge. We've been fixing
problems for the last two weeks. One is a real problem.

We have 4 huge
canopy oaks. The sprinkler feedlines often run through oak roots. It's not at
all uncommon to have them puncture lines.

Started digging on one
bubble-up. Found a 1.5" OD thinwall pipe(?) <maybe hose> (?).

your first question should be: what in the world is a 1.5" pipe doing feeding a
circuit. The answer is I have no idea in the world what it's doing there. But,
there it is.

Please go here and see the links:

pipe is 1 3/8" ID, and 1 5/8" OD. Some kind of thinwall stuff.

Now. Big
question is what do I have to do to replace about 1' of it?

I live in
200k town. We have no one in sprinklers, Home Depot, or Lowes, or industrial
suppliers who can tell me what I need, nor do they have supplies for it (that they know of).

My eternal gratitude if you can tell me who/how/what to do to make what
seems a simple splice.

1. What is the thin-wall stuff I

2. Who has fitting for it (basically need 4
elbows and a piece of pipe) ?