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The last 8 posts

Wednesday, June 23rd 2010, 11:46am

by HooKooDooKu

Popup heads eliminated the need for these tools.

I've been wondering what the purpose of such a tool was.

But now I see... for older irrigation equipement where the heads don't popup above the surrounding grass, you needed to clear the grass from around the sprikler so the water would spray correctly.

So for the rest of us, we have no need for a tool like this so long as we keep our grass cut lower than the height of the popups, assuming we have the heat mounted high enough that it doesn't become covered in dirt and block the pop-up.

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010, 6:46pm

by Wet_Boots

Popup heads eliminated the need for these tools.

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010, 3:45pm

by JedK11 (Guest)

MrFixIt... Thank you so much. That is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
You're the man. I was Googling all wrong.

I see this tool used all the time and my heads ARE flush with the surface of my lawn.
It's just nice in the spring to clear some space around some of the heads. This is an easy way to just clean up once a year. Maybe here on Long Island (NY) there are just more old timers in the sprinkler care business... I don't know.

Thanks for your help,

Monday, June 21st 2010, 7:12am

by Wet_Boots

Pros use these tools, like never. They are relics from the age of brass spray heads. Enjoy your head trimming. (Everyone needs a hobby)

Monday, June 21st 2010, 5:50am

by mrfixit

I found a few different models. Just go to google images. Type in, sprinkler tool or sprinkler trimmer or sprinkler head trimmer. Or?

Sunday, June 20th 2010, 7:16pm

by JedK11 (Guest)

Most heads should not require you to do any trimming, if they're installed at the proper height in relation to grade.
That's true but irrelevant.
The heads are what they.
I'm trying to find this tool.
That is the help I need.


Sunday, June 20th 2010, 3:35pm

by Wet_Boots

Most heads should not require you to do any trimming, if they're installed at the proper height in relation to grade.

Sunday, June 20th 2010, 3:28pm

by JedK11 (Guest)

Clearing the area around Heads

I'm trying to find a tool I've seen used by the professionals in my area.
The tool is just like the Grass-Gopher sold at Sprinkler Warehouse but it's bigger.
It has a three foot pole that comes to a "T" at the top.
So picture the Grass Gopher on a long 'T' if you understand what I'm saying.
On the bottom are four triangular teeth in a circle.
The way yo :?: :?: u use it:
Center of sprinkler head.
Hold the "T" at the top and step on the bottom until the ring is a few inches into the grass.
Turn and pull.
That's it.

Has anyone seen something like this?

Jed K