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Friday, May 8th 2009, 8:39pm

by Wet_Boots

There is a 'brute force' solution to low-producing wells. That involves almost-constant running of the well(s) to fill a (big) storage tank (from the top, with an air gap) ~ a separate pump draws from the tank, and feeds the sprinkler system.

There is no actual connection between the existing well(s) and the sprinkler system. A float switch controls the filling of the storage tank. It would be up to the installer to program the system operation to work with the existing well(s) and the storage tank. (how long you run the system, and how long to 'rest' so the tank can refill) You won't get this done with a 400 gallon tank. Think bigger.

You can submit a property plan to a sprinkler manufacturer, and look to get back a plan. Long strips 10 feet wide are watered by many, many popup sprays, with tiny nozzles to fit the space.

Friday, May 8th 2009, 12:20pm

by Logman


Hello Wet Boots,

Thanks for the info, now I am getting somewhere. Although the property is stretched out, it is about 18,000 sq ft of grass and then a number of planting and hanging pot areas. Well drillers out here wont drill deeper due to damagin thier drills in "wells drilled by others" so the only choice will be a new well. That is about 5K so I would really like to avoid that. I do have a well on my home also, that at last check was producing 7 gallons a minute and it is in a 500' pipe. I could probably do 2 independant systems on different wells and make it work if water becomes an issue. I guess I need to figure out exactly what heads I need and what they will draw. In the large areas it is easy but when you have a strip of grass (as I do) that is 275' long by 10' wide, I am confused as to how that works in the end as far as Hunter head choices, any thoughts?


Friday, May 8th 2009, 10:29am

by Wet_Boots

You are only as good as your water supply, and a recovery rate of 1 gpm means you only can count on 1000 or so gallons a day. Is that enough to accomplish your goals? Any much more than a quarter of an acre is probably beyond your reach.

Have you priced getting your well drilled deeper?

Friday, May 8th 2009, 8:51am

by Logman

Irrigation design for a novice


I have a unique property and am looking for some design help. I am a master electrician and a pretty good fake plumber. I am sure the installation is not a big issue for me but the design to start is an issue, mainly for ordering parts. The large flat areas are obviosly not hard to figure but my Hhanging plants and the long thin strips have me conserend. If you could look at the attachment of the property layout and give me a few pointers on tyupe of head or valve to use where, I would be very greatful!! I think Hunter is the way to go here, but all advice will be heeded. Here are the particulars: am in the process of designing a system for my model home. I will also install myself. I have included a detailed drawing of the property. Here are the particulars:

This will be fed off a well, currently the well produces 10 gal a minute or so by pump but it only has 150 gallons in the pipe and recovers only one gallon per minute or so. With that, I feel the system will be reverse designed, I am planning to install storage tank(s) and a pump. So I plan on 400 - 800 gallons of storage, and the pump will be what ever you say it should be. I will install another well if I need to, but I would like to avoid that, I should be able to get 1200+ gallons of water a day out of the existing well to fill tanks

As far as the plan goes, I made it as detailed as I could, but here are some particulars:

1) Green areas are grass areas

2) Purple areas are bark mulch, shrub and flower areas

3) 4 Blue poles will have hanging plants on them which I want to feed with something like a 1/4" line that I can give them a squirt a few times a day for a minute or so. This also applies to the porch area which has 8 or 10 hanging plants and a few on the stairs. I will pipe along the porch with 1/2" pipe and put 1/4" lines off that with petcocks

4) Whereas this was a "future thing" I installed underground sleeves everywhere to valve boxes everywhere.

5) Grade is pretty much flat everywhere except the one 10'x275' strip down the side and the 30x100 or so piece in the lower right at the driveway entrance. They drop about 12" every 30' or so.

Ok, they wont let me attach my sketch, to big. Anyone who want to help, I can send off my plan to you to look at. And I am not looking for someone to really design this thing.....althogh that would be nice....Just advice on what heads and valves to use where.