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The last 3 posts

Sunday, February 15th 2009, 8:40am

by weapon-x

Your requirement could be met with a Rainbird ESP-4M controller , which can program master valve operation by zone.
So that will be able to operate a master valve to be on and then the other valves can turn on while the master valve is still on?

Also which valves should I get?

I have 2 PVC slip in valves right now...

Sunday, February 15th 2009, 8:32am

by Wet_Boots

Your requirement could be met with a Rainbird ESP-4M controller , which can program master valve operation by zone.

Saturday, February 14th 2009, 9:51am

by weapon-x

Converting Manuals to Automatics

Ok I really don't know how to explain this but the guy who put in our sprinklers gave us manuals cause it was cheaper. But I'm buying the timer and I don't know which one to pick so could anyone recommend one I can sit out side or in side... Here's the current set up. The front yard has 2 valves. "F" for front yard sprinklers, "B" for back yard. So I was thinking if I cut out the "F" value and replaced it with an automatic valve the front yard 7 sprinklers will work.

Now here comes the problem. Over the summer we got a pull in the back yard and added a new line of spinklers in the back... So.

In the back yard there are a total of 3 vales, Vales "M" which is "MAIN BACK YARD VALUE" then values "P1" and "P2"

Here is a picture.

So pretty much I need to know what timers what values I need I prefer rainbird. I need it to where once the front yard comes on "M" valve comes on where it supplys water to the back yard and then nothing happens in the back yard until valve "M" is on and then valve "P1" comes on or "P2" once "P1 and "P2" are done watering there sections, "Valve "BY" comes so the sprinklers near the deck can acivate and then ones it's done the main valve "M" turns off and it's all done. :]

PS: If you need a photo of the front yard I can draw it up for you.

Updated. I have "5" valves that are going to be replaced with autos.

Front yard is a valve by it's self "F" valve
Back yard main line supplies water to back yard valves "B" valve (NEEDS TO BE ON TO OPERATE BACKYARD VALVES)
Pool line 1 "PL1" valve pool section one sprinklers
Pool line 2 "PL2" valve pool section two sprinklers
Back Yard Sprinklers "BY" valve the rest of the sprinklers in the back yard.

Yeah there was an issue with pressure so it had to be broken up into many sections.