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The last 6 posts

Friday, February 6th 2009, 9:44am

by HooKooDooKu

RE: Back Flow Enclosure

Your local nursery sells them.....they are called "shrubs."


Given that the RPZ is along side the house, this sure sounds like a VERY viable option. Of course to keep your RPZ instilation "legal", you have to make sure you still have access to the device (therefore the shrubs should not totally isolate the device).

Friday, February 6th 2009, 5:35am

by ros

Back Flow Enclosure

Your local nursery sells them.....they are called "shrubs."

Wednesday, January 21st 2009, 6:09pm

by Wet_Boots

Your cost analysis neglects the cost of making molds, which is considerable.

Tuesday, January 20th 2009, 5:16pm

by jusme

I suppose that's what I may have to do. I always get my feathers ruffled when the cost of a product far exceeds its cost to make. Cost for materials, labor, and distribution on a single backflow enclosure must be no more than $20 yet they sell for so much more. Sure there will be some nonrecurring cost related to development but those costs are typically made up for by the profit on each unit sold. Similarly I wish someone had a convincing explanation for why furniture and mattresses cost so much (ever been to one of those designer furniture places like Dania, Bassett, Thomasville, etc?), but that's for another forum.

What I'll probably end up doing is repurposing something else for this. Some day I'll probably randomly come across a plastic structure that will work perfectly to hide my backflow preventer but is meant for another purpose entirely and it will cost a fraction of the price. If I find such a thing or a lead on a cheap enclosure I'll let you all know.

Tuesday, January 20th 2009, 4:29pm

by Wet_Boots

Sorry, don't expect any manufacturer to spend many thousands of dollars in order to present you with a small savings. Maybe you can work up a cover on your own. How about posting/linking a photo?

Tuesday, January 20th 2009, 12:22pm

by jusme

Backflow Enclosure/Cover


I can't seem to find a good place to buy an enclosure for my backflow preventer/filter assembly. Even doesn't seem to sell any, unless I haven't been looking in the right way. My backflow preventer (RPZ) and filter are installed alongside my house, above ground. I don't have the exact inner dimensions the enclosure would need to be off-hand but I can't even seem to find a decent supplier to begin with. All the places I have found sell ridiculously overpriced products. The most popular seems to be the HotBox (I see these everywhere, or a similar version without heat from the same company) but I'm pretty sure they don't sell retail and even if they did I suspect the prices would be insane.

I'm looking for something either fiberglass or plastic. It doesn't need to lock, it doesn't need to be heated. Essentially I just need a box (with one open side) to place on top of the assembly to hide it. The prices I've seen for enclosure are ridiculous ($200+) for a fiberglass or plastic box. What could possibly make such a simple thing cost so much money? I'm thinking these enclosures have mostly commercial applications, hence the overblown price. Does anyone know of a place a regular consumer like me can get their hands on one for a reasonable price (less than $100)?

Thanks in advance for your help.