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Wednesday, April 30th 2008, 3:56pm

by Wet_Boots

I didn't get a real close look at the details all of the vineyard drip installations, but I suspect they didn't use any 'bug caps' on the emitters. They are certainly cheap enough to add, if you need them. As to the exact flow of the emitters, that might connect to the size of your water supply, and the amount of flow you will have through 250 feet of distribution tubing on each row.

Wednesday, April 30th 2008, 12:33pm

by HooKooDooKu

The first design that comes to mind:

Run the 1" supply line under ground along the edge of the 8 rows. Bury this section of the supply line so that you don't risk damage from running over it. This 1" supply line should have a Tee at each row to feed a 1" supply line running down the length of each row. If you sometimes move from row-to-row in the middle of the rows, I would also bury this supply line underground. The purpose for having 1" running down the length of each row is to minimize the pressure difference between the 1st plant in the 1st row and the last plant in the last row. If there is a large pressure difference, then the 1st plant will get much more water than the last plant.

Along the length of each row, you should insert Tees every X number of feet (or every X number of plants). The purpose for this Tee is to be the transition point from the main supply line feeding the entire row to a 1/2" drip line that will supply the plant. This Tee would also be the transition point from the 1" main line on (or under) the ground to the 1/2" drip line you would tie to the wire strung 1' off the ground and feed the emmiters that water the plants.

Once you're at the 1/2" drip line, it's just a matter of inserting emitter directly in this drip line pointing down. As to which emitter, it sort of depends upon other design considerations. For example, if you want to minimize the cost of the 1" main line, you could only run the 1" main half way down the 1st row, and turn 90 degrees and run the mainline to the other rows. At this center point in the rows, transistion to two 1/2" dripline lines, one each to feed one half of the row. But that means each drip line is going to be about 125' long. For drip line that size, you'll want to limit the total output of each drip line to about 150 gph (gallons per hour). That means you could place 1-1gph emmiter ever foot, or 2-0.5 emmitters every foot.

From there, you really have to determine which type of pipe is more expensive. If 1/2" drip line is ultra cheap, minimize the 1" mainline and use the idea that the mainline takes water to the center of each row, then 1/2" drip line runs from the center to the ends of each row.

Wednesday, April 30th 2008, 8:20am

by green valley vineyard (Guest)

I have talked to my extension. I am running the irregation system on the bottom wire. but I don't know what to buy should I go with .25 or .5 what connectors do I use and do I need a down spout off the drip or just pop a hole in the line. these are the questions I need answered.

Wednesday, April 30th 2008, 8:03am

by Wet_Boots

All new vineyards I've seen planted were done with drip lines strung along the vine supports, with individual emitters placed in the lines, and the dripping visible to the observer. Check with your Cooperative Extension for specific local advice.

Wednesday, April 30th 2008, 7:41am

by green valley vineyard (Guest)

irregation of vineyard what's needed for the first three years.

Hello all I'm looking to irregate my vineyard this spring and need some help with what to buy. here is the layout of the vineyard. I have 8 rows 250 feet long. the spacing of the vines are 8 feet, and the rows are spaced 9 feet apart. on the trellis system I have run a wire 12 inches above ground to attach the irregation to. the one inch supply line has already been brought to the first row. What I need to know is what do I buy for irregation lines and connectors. obviously I want to use a drip system not a spray. thank you for your help/advice